The Artists for Hope are at it again!  They are raising funds for the RHFH rescue center. You can check out some new portraits on some of the children from the RC here.  All the proceeds go directly to RHFH!

Could you help out a friend of ours?  You can check his site out here.  He is from our home town in Indiana!  He and his family and moving to Haiti in the near future.  The have great plans for a wonderful project involving a media training school here in Haiti.  You can check out the details here.   All you have to do to help is to go here and vote.  

A note from Luke,

 We just entered a competition. If we win, we will be awarded $25,000 toward the start up costs of The Caribbean Institute of Media Technologies.

So here’s the deal, the vote link is glitchy.

Here’s how to make it work. If you hover your mouse cursor directly over the fifth red star, it will flash and be all glitchy BUT… if you go ahead and click down (maybe several times), I think it will eventually accept the vote. I have written the website asking for this to be fixed. Frustrating. Nonetheless, I ask you to try. 

I voted and it was easy.  It will just take a few minutes of your time, but could make a big different for this organization.  So go and vote please!


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