The finished outhouses

Here are the pictures of the finished outhouses.


The team from NCC worked very hard to get them all finished during the 10 days they were here.




carrying supplies to the site


After each outhouse was completed we went back to the site with the team.  They had prepared hygiene kits to hand out to the houses that were involved in the project.



I promise..he asked me to take this picture!


These are the five outhouses with the families that will benefit from them being built.






Our goal is to build 19 of these 2 seater outhouses this year.  We have built 6 so far.  So we have 13 left.  When we started this project member from the community development group went to areas we knew did not have any access to an outhouse.  As crud as it may sound you just went in the weeds.  I think you can all figure out how an outhouse would help these families and the areas surrounding there homes, so I do not need to explain all of that.  Each site had to have three household involved.  These three houses donated the land, dug the hole, provided sand, rock , gravel and water, and provided some of the transportation of materials to the site.  We provide the iron, cement, tin, blocks, wood, locks hinges etc.  Would you, your small group or church be interested in helping to provide the funds for this project?  Each two seater outhouse cost $450.oo to be completed.  Let me know if you are interested.


One Response to The finished outhouses

  1. Ericka says:

    great job everyone!!! Your hard work looks awesome and will help the families SO much!!!!!

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