I need your help


1/3 of the chlildren in the RC are babies.  Most of these babies have lost their mothers to death shortly after they were born.  We do have a few that are just simply malnourished, but most do not have a mother.  These babies stay in the RC for about 18 months.  Most of the people in our area are farmers.  The fathers work in the fields every  day to plant their crops by hand.  If they are not in the fields, then they are carrying the produce to the markets to be sold.  It is really impossible for them to be able to take care of a little baby.  Most have other children as well that they are responsible for.  If we can keep the babies until they are off of infant formula and eating normal foods, their chances of survival skyrocket.  The papa can take the baby and put them under a shade tree  in the field where he is working with a older sibling and they will be fine.  He could not do this with a little baby.  The fathers so appreciate that we are willing to do this for them.  We are not aganist adoption, but if we an keep a family together that wants to stay together then we do all that we can to help.

So, this is what I need some help with.  I have 14 baby beds and 8 basinets.  I need new mattress for all of them.  I sent someone into town.  They spend a day searching in several store the cheapest price we could find was $43.75US per mattress.  This is still cheap compaired to the average price of $75.00 in the states.  So we searched some more.  We asked around and finally found a man that makes the mattress es from scratch.  Love that!  I had him make one to see how it would look and how good of quality it would be.  I was so impressed with his work.  Here is a before and after picture below. Love, love, love that I can give someone a job!  Love it!  Before pic on the left – new mattress on the right.  He hand sewed that! 


Rose-Marie trying it out. 


So I need a total of  22 mattresses.  We can get each mattress made for $20.ooUS a piece.  What a deal!  And it is providing a job for someone.  22 mattresses X $20.00=$440.00 total  If 22 people would donate $20.00 all the babies could have a new mattress!



5 Responses to I need your help

  1. chuck conover says:

    hey guys!! first of all just want to tell you and your dad I was so blessed by the time I got to spend with you last week.I feel Zach helped me peronally more than I can say….yes Zach Im putting both feet deep in the water!! So tell us where can we send the money for the mattres’s?? Marcia knows how important they can be having 12 to 15 kids here that she lays down for naps each day.Just let us know so we can help! Love you guys Chuck

  2. Hi Licia,

    My name is Mackenzie (my mom is letting me write on her account). Last week I went to a women’s missions meeting, told them about RHFH and I sold some cookies. I earned $12 for the RC!! This Sunday I’m going to sell more cookies and I’m going to try to earn 8 more dollars to help buy a mattress. Those babies are just so cute!

    So, put me down for one mattress!!!

    Age 11 (my birthday was yesterday!!!)
    (I also have a brother and sister from Haiti!!!!!)

  3. I will be happy to purchase two matresses. I just need to know where to send the funds.

  4. Marcie says:

    Count me in for 2 matresses – $40.00. I will send the funds now through paypal.

  5. Marcie says:

    I just read your second post advising that all the mattresses have been purchased. That is great news! I am still willing to donate $40.00 for another cause. Just let me know.


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