An exciting evening

This is Germene.  Her family carried her down the moutains, on a bed. The hike normally takes 6 hours, you know when you are not carrying someone down on a bed.   She said she was 9 months pregnant.  Her stomach looked like it might be 5 or 6 months along.  Her body was retaining fluids and she was extrembly swollen from head to toe.  She could not walk without help and was suffering.  Her B/P was high.  She was admitted into the RC so we could figure out what to do, and how to get her into Port to a hospital.  On Monday night her breathing become so bad that she was in distress and was having a hard time just taking a normal breath.  Our plans were to send her into a hospital in town on Tuesday.  We wanted a responsible family member to go with her.  We thought someone would come on Tuesday, but no one showed up.   Tuesday morning she was doing better and was up walking around and took a shower.  Her mother-in-law, who has never been to Port-au-Prince, had been here since Sunday.  She said she was very scared about traveling  into town with her and she did not even want to ride in a car.  Lori and I talked and we said okay we will send her in on Wednesday morning and just hire someone here from the village to take care of her.  We were seriously thinking that she was not 9 months along.


So Tuesday night the ladies came and told me that she was not feeling well. I said okay and let them know that we were planning to send her into town the next morning.  We gave her some pain medication.  About 15 minutes later they came back and said she was having labor pains.  WHAT!?!  So we kicked it into high gear.  We got her over to the clinic and Lori check her out, and yes she was in labor.  Lori began calling people to locate a truck to get her into town so she could deliver the baby there and not here.  Remember that her stomach was so tiny, B/P still dangerous high.  So Lori called several people and then had dad to begin to call people to try and find a truck that could go into town at 9pm.  No one would make the trip.  The roads are dangerous after dark they said.  So what do we do???  Lori continued to make phone calls.  She was having contractions about 1 minute apart.  She was in pain but not like I have seen some people.   She wanted us to prop something up behind her back.  Lori and I were hand cranking the top of the bed up for her.  I heard a grunt from the mom.  I said “you are not pushing are you?”  She said no.  So we were almost done fixing the beds and she let out a load grunt.  I said “are you pushing?”  and at the same time lifted up her gown to see a little tiny head coming out. 

This is the bed they carried her down on.


So while all of this was going on Keverly and Carmelo were working on reading for school, like they do ever night.  Keverly wanted to know if she could do anything to help, she helped lay out a few supplies and then returned to reading as we were planning to send the mother into town.  So I yelled out the door  to Keverly “She is having it now!”  The head was delivered with the sac not being broke yet.  We broke the sac and then the birth was completed.  I did not even have time to put gloves on.  The baby, a girl, was breathing but not well at all.  We cut the cord and moved her to another table.  Cleaned her up a little and wrapped her up in a few towels.  We had not prepared for a birth so I left the baby with Keverly and went to find clothes, diapers, and to let everyone know that she had delivered the baby.  Lori continue to work with the mother and Keverly watched over the baby to make sure she was breathing.  He color was not to great.  Here she is last night.


Keverly did wonderful….We needed her help and she was right there to give me a hand.  She stayed with the baby for awhile while Lori and I cleaned up.


She weighs in at 4 pounds 4 ounces that is with clothes on.


Finally the mother-in-law came back into the room.  She raised her hands and said “merci Bondye”  (Thank you Jesus!)  I could not agree with her more.  Will you please pray for Germene and her little baby girl?


10 Responses to An exciting evening

  1. debraparker says:


    You guys do amazing work. And yes, thank you Jesus.

  2. Jessica says:

    “merci Bondye!”

  3. Kristy Kuenzi says:

    I am praying!!!! What a blessing to be able to wittness such an event. Praise the Lord!!!!


  4. Wes Brubaker says:

    Praise the Lord!
    Man that reminds me a lot of the birth I got to assist with there a year and a half ago. It was an experience I’ll never forget.
    God Bless!

  5. Bekki says:

    You do live an exciting life, dear! Praying for Germene and the little one. A bebe that tiny she didn’t have to push much!

  6. Lorenda says:

    It was great to see pictures of what Keverly had told us all about. Wasn’t this supposed to be the less eventful week?! Thank you for your faithfulness.

  7. Tanya says:

    Thank you Jesus, indeed!

  8. Lisa keefer says:

    I have delievred a baby in Haiti on my last trip in the floor of a orphange/church/school..It was the most amazing thing to see! I am a Rn and have seen babies been born and have birthed 2 of my own but to be in Haiti and surronded by God’s people and love was the most amazing birth I have ever seen..I hope when I go back in April to witness this again,but my MD that is going with us,says NO NO…I think he was a little scared.hahahaha..You guys are amazing..I only hope to come and visit with you one day and get to work in the clinic with you.

  9. lori says:

    alright licia, the next time, you’d better make sure there’s a baby born WHILE I’M THERE! – the last time i wanted so much to get to experience that, but nooooooooo, you waited until the day i left & then delivered one that night…too late! – i’ll give you one more chance, k? – aren’t i nice! – love ya!

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