Christian Aid Ministries gave us and many, many, many patients that passed through the clinic this week a HUGE blessing.  Sacks, and Sacks of clothing and blankets.  When the team was here last week we started out by separating the clothes into piles to give out.  It went fine that way, but was suggested to us to just give it out by the sack!  WOW!  That was a lot easier for everyone.  So we started giving out the sacks to each patient that passed through the clinic this week.   Many were blessed with clothes, sheets, pillows and blankets.  I cannot express to you how much CAM means to us.  They are a true blessing to so many here in Haiti.  There love and service to the people is something that they should all be proud of.  CAM has been giving meds and supplies to us since I first came to Haiti in 1995.  Every single month we get a large load of medication and other supplies for the clinic and RC through their organization.  Many of these meds and supplies could not be bought here in Haiti.  A true blessing.  REMEMBERING what they did for me Jeriah, who is part of CAM, somehow got out here to me the day after the flood, it involved a lot of motorcycle, mud, walking, and great driving skills.  He and CAM wanted to know if there was anything they could do to help, but most of all they wanted to extend there friendship and Godly love to us here in Cazale.  I will never forgot the night that I almost “lost it” when I had no water for my family and the 70 children in the RC.  The filters were all clogged up with the dirty river water, we knew that T& T Livesay was planning to come out the next day to get some more filters to us.  But how was I going to make it through that evening anf the next morning?  In my desperation I was thinking maybe I could find some bottled pop to buy somewhere in town, but what about the babies?  I called CAM and told them the situation.  They had water and I was ready to send people walking to meet them somewhere to get it here.  They fought through lots of mud to get it as far as they could to us.  It made it here that night at 9pm.  We were almost out of water.  I will never forget CAM and the Livesay family for all they did for me during those times. 

 Team passing out clothing 



 Here are the bundles ready to be given out











So the post below?

Those scarfs were in the donations from the clothing above.  Everyone kept asking what the long thin blankets were for.  We gladly showed them how to use them!   

Lori and I loved all the caption but our two favorites were

“Finally the diaper smell just got to be too much” from Patti

“Do you think if we wear these no-one will notice we are Blan?” From Bekki

You guys are great!


6 Responses to THANK YOU C.A.M

  1. Kathy says:

    What a blessing!

  2. Nadia says:

    do you know Guyteau?? he works for CAM..he really helped us out at the end of our adoption! what a great guy.

  3. Nadia says:

    awsome! when you see him again, will you tell him Monica and Nadia Frank said Hi?! My mom rode on the back of his little dirt bike/moto all the way from blue ridge to immigration..LOL..chubby white woman in a skirt, first time ever on a moto, holding on for dear life! it was hilarious..poor guy 🙂

  4. Ericka says:


  5. Angie, RN says:

    Praise the Lord! God is good, I know the people of Cazale are very grateful for CAM. What a great organization!

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