Going home post #1…

 Check out some new pictures of my brother and his family here.  To cute!  Love ya Casey!


I am going to break this into two post as there are so many children that have returned home this past few weeks. 

This is Maunise.  She weighed 20 pounds  in Sept 08.


Here she is going home at 26 pounds. 


Joseline a few months back


Going home after gaining 5 pounds


 This is Cherline.  She has been here since she was 1 month old.  She weighed 8 pounds then.  Her mom took off and left her when she was 22 days old.  Her dad has been visiting her since then.   


She is just beginning to pull herself up and is off of infant formula.  She is going home at 12 months old and 20.5 pounds.


This little cutie is Chrismene.  She was 13 months old is the picture below and weighed 13 pounds.


Here she is going home 6 months later at 17 pounds. She was so happy to see her mama!


She kepty giving her kisses. To cute!


This is Esmirelda at 4 months old.  Her mother had died the week before this picture.  She weighed 13 pounds.


Here she is all grown up and weighs 24 pounds.  She is walking and eating solid table foods.  Her papa can now take her and be able to work and care for her as she is walking and not needing infant formula.


 This is Frandes.  Her was burned on his chest and arm.


Here he is getting ready to go back home.  With time the area with get darker and blend in with the rest of his skin. 


This is Bernadette she was suffering from kwashiorkor and sick with a high fever in Sept of 08.  She weighed 17 pounds.


Here she is going home at 22 pounds.


 going home post number 2 coming soon……


4 Responses to Going home post #1…

  1. Sadie says:

    It’s so great to see the trasnformation in them.. they look so much happier and healthier! You guys do such a wonderful job!!

  2. lisa keefer says:

    Does any of these children ever get adopted out of your clinic? I am still collecting stuff for you probably won’t see you until the fall cones around but I should have some good stuff by then. I am SO glad you are feeling better you know a mama has no time to be sick!!! God Bless You

  3. Sarah says:

    Chrismene and her Mama kissing are adorable!!! 🙂

  4. Pleasant says:

    It really helps me to see what you guys do for Haiti.
    God Bless You!!

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