B-day pictures

 Henley lost a front tooth!


As I promised B-day pictures from Carmelo’s 12th B-day party.

This is the gift he got from his birth mother.


opening gifts





blowing out the candles..


The family




14 years together— 9 years married



4 Responses to B-day pictures

  1. Love your family picture!

    Happy Birthday Carmelo!

  2. Sadie says:

    Tell him Happy Birthday from my family too!

    Great family picture, love the missing tooth shot (Cecilia lost on one of her top front teeth this week too and she looks so delightfully goofy), and that looks like one yummy bucket of tomatoes!!

  3. Ralph and Sharel says:

    Henley and Garrett look alike!! So where did all the hair come from on all those boys? Tell Carmello Happy B day from all of us. love ya Sharel

  4. Kristy says:

    What an awesome family. We miss all of you! Happy birthday Carmelo.

    Jand K

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