So…What did you do Friday?

Friday started off great.  We had some visitors from port come out to fellowship and have lunch.  We talked and showed them around.  After lunch dad decided to take them up on the new road that the government is building.  While they visiting the new road a truck came with a child that had been hit by a rock.  They sent dad ahead to let us know that there was a major injury coming our way. 

This is Daniel’s  story.

His mom sent him out on Thursday around noon to go and find fire wood.  The kids do this a lot here. They will go out for several hours and just find whatever twigs and sticks they can find on the bare land to take back home to cook with.  It was getting dark on Thursday night and Daniel was not home yet.  His mom just figured he was watching all the big tractors and trucks on the new road they are building.  She kept waiting and waiting for him to get home.  When he was not home later that night she figured that it had got to dark to make it back home and he had slept at his godmothers house.  She got up early the next morning to go and find him.  No one has seen him.  Then everyone was worried. 


Meanwhile, a farmer went to go check out his field of crops.  He was walking around checking everything out and saw a pile of wood stacked up.  He thought that was odd, as no one would leave a pile of wood just sitting there.  He went over to investigate.  A few feet away he found Daniel laying on the ground.   He was busted up pretty bad.  A large rock had fallen off the side of the mountain where they were working on the road above.  It hit him the the head. 


No one really knows what happened after that.  He got hit sometime on Thursday afternoon.  He layed there all night, and it rained.  Where they found him at was in a valley.  The farmer had to walk up and find out who was missing a child.   No stretcher here, no police or ambulance to call, no 911 to help.  Soooo… they took the door off of their house to go and get him.  They went down into the valley and tied him to the door and carried him up.  The CNE company that is working on the road felt really terrible about the accident and transported him down to the clinic.  It saved them several hours of walking to get here.  He is in really bad shape, okay terrible shape he could still die.


After the very large cut,  he had several other cuts here and there.  The biggest problem now is that it appears he has a BASAL skull fracture.  Medical people you know how serious that is.  Non medical his head is broken.  There is fluid coming out of his ear.  It was coming out his nose but that has stopped.  We have had a few people over the years here that have had their skull cracked opened and lived.  We have sent them into town to a larger hospital.  Every single one of them has been sent to General Hospital and they do an x-ray and tell them that the skull is broken and send them home.  There is nothing else they do.   His collar bone is also broken.  He is awake and talking at times.  I do not think I need to express how serious this is and how much prayer this child needs.


After we transferred Daniel to the RC, the CNE people called again and had another accident.  Another child had been hit by a rock.  They were bringing him down to the clinic.  We had just sat down after about 4 hours with the first child.  The father and uncle carried him in and layed him on the bed.  The first thing I noticed was his arm was broken.  Yeah, see how bad it was broken?  He was not conscious at all.


Knowing we could not set the bone here in Cazale (Lori does have her limits) we made a plan to send him into town.  The hospital that we know will give him good care will not take a patient if they have been to another clinic first.  Just a rule they have.  Anyway his head was cut in several places but we could not sew them up so we wrapped his head and arm up so that he could get into the hospital.  The CNE workers offered to drive him into port to the hospital.  It was well after dark and we walked out with them and got them in the car. 


I had just put my foot inside the gate and someone called my name.  A cut.  I took the man in and called Lori to tell her.  I asked him what had happened.  He said a his head hit a rock.  We had him on the table and were in the process of getting his head ready to be stitched up.  The ladies came and told us that there was anther cut outside that was worse.  Come to find out it was a brother and sister that got in a huge fight. The brother was already on the table and we did not want to bring the sister in start the fight again. 


The sister (below) will not listen to the mother.  The family says that she is totally out of control.  Her brother visiting from the DR decided that he needed to help discipline her.  He tried to talk to her and it got into a fight.  His solution was to take first a lebt and then an iron rod and hit her.  The iron rod cut her head in six places and left marks all over her body.  The brothers head met the rock when she jumped on him and knocked him down.


We finished up with them around 10pm.  Then early the next morning they brought a lady on a bed.  She had been in labor for 3 days.  She delivered a baby girl Sat morning at 4am.


There was another baby.  When they bought her here she was on a bed with the first baby.  They had not cut the cord yet.  We did that and got the mother inside on a table.  The midwife said that there was a hand sticking out.  He was right a little blue hand.  There was also a foot and a head of hair present.  We called for a tap-tap and sent her to town.  We heard that the baby was born dead and the mother lost a lot of blood. 


Please, please, please pray for Daniel.  He needs a special touch from the Lord to heal quickly.


4 Responses to So…What did you do Friday?

  1. Angie, RN says:

    We will be praying for Daniel. You are so right, a skull fracture with spinal fluid in the ears is not a good sign. He needs the hand of God on his little life. I cannot imagien what he had to go through all that night. God kept him alive, so we will pray that God will continue to sustain him. You were so busy, sounds like “life in the ER” a TV show here in the states. I am sure they would like to film your clinic. Lori would be a celebrity! Thanks for sharing your day with us. God Bless!

  2. Patrick Rivest says:

    I’m always amazed to read who come to the RC, what their needs are and how God uses you guys to meet their needs. We will pray for Daniel and the others you care for.


  3. Kristy says:

    Wow!! What a weekend!!! I am so praying for Daniel and for all of them. I wish I could do more.

  4. Mrs Benj says:

    God bless you. count on my prayer for daniel and all the childrens of God. also i will prey for the lady that loss her unborn angel. is so sad. take good care of you all at there.

    ps. this is not my first lenguage. my english is not so good.

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