Funds needed for Fedna’s ticket


Fedna has been in the USA for about  8 weeks now.  She has been staying in TX with this host family.  She has had several surgeries and many doctor visits to get everything done that the doctors wanted to accomplish while she was there.  Praise the Lord that everything went smoothly and that she has healed.  The doctors have given her the okay to return to Haiti.  She has a wonderful mama and papa here in Haiti that are so thankful for the life changing surgery that she was able to receive.  This children need to be back with their families as soon as they can.   They are both excited to see her in just about 1 week.   She will be returning with her host family to Haiti on the 13th of this month.  

We need to raise some funds to be able to purchase her one-way return ticket to Haiti.  We contacted  AA and they will not cover the cost of the ticket like they have for some of our other medical visa children.  😦  The ticket to return to Haiti is $776.60.  If 31 people would donate $25.oo we could have the ticket bought for little Fedna to return home to her family. 


If you are interesting in helping out you can donated using the paypal button on the right side of the blog or click here.  Include in the memo that it is for Fedna’s ticket.  Please let me know ( so that I can share with everyone how God is moving and meeting the needs of HIS children.


SO FAR THERE HAS BEEN $55.00, NOW $120.00 raised!  Praise the Lord!


One Response to Funds needed for Fedna’s ticket

  1. Kathy says:

    I made a donation through paypal.

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