Day 2 and 3 of the dental clinic

There were many people that wanted their teeth cleaned yesterday.  So the three of us, me, Keverly and Lori worked until after 9pm cleaning teeth for about 17 people.  We had the best time.


Our feet feel like the are bleeding (that means they hurt really bad!) so we took turns resting.


The lady below has never been to a dentist.  I asked her why and she said she has never had extra money to spend on her teeth.  I asked her why she decided to come today.  She said I am a christian and you are a christian.  Okay that is great but what does that have to do with teeth?  She said there are many people that pull teeth and it hurts them and they are not doing it right.  But she said she trusted us to make sure there was a good dentist here because we loved the Lord and we would not have a bad person come.  I am sure that it was free helped to!



Lori has people come into the clinic that have had a accident or been in a fight that have damaged their teeth. Sometimes they are broken or half knocked out.  Herman (the dentist) taught her how to give shots today and had her pull a few teeth.   It was a most exciting day!


Here is her first one!


This is on tooth #4 and  this is a priceless picture of my most wonderful sister.


We had several bad injuries to come in the next post!


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