This man was returning to his house after a day at the market.  He was on a motorcycle and it had an accident he flew through the air and hit his head on a rock.


The white area is his skull


It amazes me each time Lori can put someone back together like she does.


 This man was trying to get a rock out of the middle of two tires on a big dump truck.  The truck took off and the rock flew out and hit his head. 



 This man came in late on night.  He said someone that was crazy jumped out of the weeds and attacked him.  Lori was planning to sew it up, but the joint was split so we sent him into town.  



 Seramise stayed with us in the RC for almost two years.  We found a place here in Haiti to do skin grafts for her.  She came back this week to visit.





She said she was thankful that she could lift her head up so she could see the sky and heaven.


There are two teams with a total of 11 people coming tomorrow.   I could write so much more on each of these stories but just do not have the time today.  Enoch has a cast of his arm, Trey still has a fever and headache.  Carmelo is feeling a little better but still very weak and not eating yet.  Thanks for your prayers!


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