Help needed

I have a book that Carmelo needs for school.  Is anyone coming in within the next few weeks that would be willing to carry it in for me?

Is anyone looking for some sewing projects?  I am in need of  some simple dresses for the girls in the RC.  Also we are having a difficlut time finding plastic pants to put over the cloth diapers.  Is anyone out there interested in a sewing project for plastic pants?  If you are email me at

Yard sale finds or good used items

Also the RC is always in need of toys for the kids.  Bigger, stronger toys are better for them.  Any baby toys that do not have fabric on them would be wonderful. 

bumbo seats

roller skates

If the funds come in for the semi trailer we are planning to ship one this spring.  So let me know if you have items.  Teams will be packing on Fri and Sat in April and part of May.


7 Responses to Help needed

  1. Annette says:

    What range of sizes do you need in dresses?

  2. Andrea Schmick says:

    I am in for my mom. She read your need for simple dresses to be sewed & is totally able and willing. Please send her more information at this email She is anxiously awaiting your reply. Thanks! btw-we’re praying for you and admire your diligence in serving with the Gospel! :oD

  3. J-HY says:

    We will be at Hearline on May 1st and could bring the book if you haven’t gotten it by then. Let me know.

  4. Julie says:

    Will be in PAP on May 2nd.

  5. Sharel says:

    Licia Lori Shepler is coming in in April. If you haven’t gotten the book if I can get it before then I can have her bring it in. I have some pic or you all too. Let me know Love ya Sharel

  6. Sadie says:

    Re: the dresses – would pillowcase style dresses be okay? like these?

  7. Sandra Gallineau says:

    Hi Licia,
    I don’t know if you remember me getting in touch with you last fall, but our Awana group has been collecting money to buy stuff for the Center. Let us know where to send the stuff, and we’ll send it. The kids are looking forward to getting together to buy the stuff! 🙂

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