The last pictures from dental clinic


One of the many blessing this week was on Saturday.  Dad was able to get in touch with a good friend of ours that ministers to a group of people.  Most of these people spend the day at the local trash dump picking through trash to find things to sell.  Dad was able to go and pick up about 20 patients to come to the dental clinic.  There were several children that came in the group.  I know they were blessed to be able to get work done on their teeth, but the blessing for us was to be able to love on them and show them a little bit of Jesus.




Keverly cleaned so many people’s teeth that we lost count.  She cleaned my boys teeth one night. I was not to sure how they would react as they have never been to a dentist.  Trey was pumping his arms up and down with excitement and laughed the whole time.






I asked dad to come in and watch Lori pull some teeeth


Here is his face and he only stay for about 30 seconds!



2 Responses to The last pictures from dental clinic

  1. Kristy says:

    I love that face. Please tell him I said Hi. We miss him.


  2. Sadie says:

    Oh, that would totally be my face too.

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