Remember Rose-Manie?  Here she is now.


Here she is when she was a newborn with her twin Rose-Marie.


Rose-Manie is very sick.  She is a hospital in Port-au-Prince.  She is fighting aganist death right now.  A few months ago she was very ill.  She stopped breathing multiply times.  By the grace of God, and Lori breathing air into her limp body, she lived and recovered.  The hospital she is at did not want to take her as her mother was not with her.  We told them that her mother died and they still were mad.  Yes, it makes no sense.  Thank God for the nannies that found a nurse with a heart and they got her into the hospital.  They have ran many test but so far are not sharing with us what they think might be wrong with her.  Will you join me in prayer for her?


5 Responses to Rose-Manie

  1. Bekki says:

    praying for sweet Rose-Manie and her nurse….

  2. Yes, I’ll pray for Rose-Manie. I love her big brown eyes… praying God pours out His grace upon this precious child.

  3. Chad From Hickory Grove says:

    I’ll pray for the little one.
    Thank God she was with you at the clinic and you were able to get her to the hospital.
    God Bless YOU!

  4. Shawn says:

    She is on my heart daily and tonight I am sending a special prayer.
    I know through prayer she can rally again.
    Lori and Licia, thank you again for being you!

  5. Connie says:

    She is in my prayers! Such a beautiful angel that holds the heart strings of many. Dear God… I pray today that you will wrap Rose-Manie in your healing grace as you protect her from harm. Surround her with your awesome love and make her whole again. Amen.

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