US Naval Hospital Ship

As of 11:00pm there has been  $617.25 only $682.75 to go!

As of noon today there has been $240 donated  $1060 to go!

I forgot to tell you that there was $50 extra donated for the burial cost of Monise.  So that $50 is going towards this need.  As of 8:30AM there has been two donation.  So there has been $170 raised $1130 to go!

Remember this picture…oh yes I will never forget it.  This is after the flood came through, Lori had just got back.  A team of military doctors came to help us.  They flew in on a helicopter.  They were so, so nice and encouraging.  I will never forget the day the doctor told me that I (the non-nurse) saved Rosalie’s leg.  I will never forget it.  Can you see the excitement in my eyes?


The military Comfort ship is back.  They will be in Haiti April 9 -20th. While they are here they will be seeing lots of patients, doing lots of surgeries and going out to do mobile clinic.   They will be coming to Cazale for three days to work and see many patients.  They will be working across the river in the government clinic.


There are rumors of a helicopter landing with supplies as well.


This is the most exciting news of all!  RHFH has will be able to send 65 pre-approved patients in to be see by the surgical team.  These 65 will travel on Friday from Cazale into town to see if they will be able to receive life changing surgery. 

facial mass that has been there for years


possible skin graft


This man needs his toe bones removed so his wound can close up


umbilical hernia


This little girl has never been able to bend her legs out straight, or walk


unexplained mass


 Her house caught on fire when she was a baby.  They did not know she was in the house and found her after the fire had been put out.  She lost her hand and has a bad contraction on her foot.


feet backwards and upside down


club foot


I have just picked out a few of those that will be traveling into town this Friday.  We are going to have to rent transportation for all of these patients to get to the port to be seen by the doctors.  They will all gather here on Thursday night.  We will be finding places for 65+ people to sleep and feeding them that night.  They will leave early the next morning.  Lori will be traveling with the group as well.  It will be a most exciting day:)  Most of those going have been searching for months and some years for a solution to their medical problem.  It not easy here to find good medical care.  Not easy at all.  This is such a great oppturnity for each of them to get evaluated and know if they can be operated on.  Those that are choosen for surgery will have to return again on a specific date.  We need your help.  It will cost around $20 for the paitent and family member (if needed)  to travel from Cazale to town and back.  So that is $20 X 65 patients.  We are believing for $1300 to fully cover the cost of each person.  We know that God is able!  We just cannot express to you how excited we are about this great blessing that will affect so many.  If you would like to donated for this need you can use the donate button on the right side of the blog ot send it to the address below the button.  Please email me at so I can keep others update of the progess for this need.

Psalm 13:4-6 (The Message)

 3-4 Take a good look at me, God, my God;
      I want to look life in the eye,
   So no enemy can get the best of me
      or laugh when I fall on my face.

 5-6 I’ve thrown myself headlong into your arms—
      I’m celebrating your rescue.
   I’m singing at the top of my lungs,
      I’m so full of answered prayers.


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