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Hi Licia:

Just a few questions…are the kids generally happy about going home, or are they content/happy with the RC and the care they’ve received that going home is hard?

I know you comment quite a bit that the parent(s) love their children so much and they are sad when their child is ill, but many times in photos of very sick (malnourished) children, the parent doesn’t appear to be malnourished. Are many times the child(ren) left w/out food but the parents eat as they need to keep their strength to be able to work to get food?

These are just a questions – there is absolutely NO judgement in my questions!!! I believe that if I could see it first hand, I wouldn’t wonder, but because I only see it from my computer I have a hard time understanding it all.

Blessings to you, Lori and your families!

~Amy in Wisconsin

Hey Amy,

Some of the kids are really happy to go home. Some do not like it here at all. Many of them cry when their family comes to visit and then leave them. Some of them scream when they see a family member come in the gate. They do not want anything to do with them. Some do not want to see their family at all. Most are very torn between the two places —home and the RC. They miss their family and friends but are scared of going home to no food. But there can be a child that was here for months and that was crying when they left because they wanted to stay, but when they see me a month later, start crying and only want their mom.

Some of the parents are very poor and really do not have food to feed everyone. Some might have rice to feed them, but no beans or meat to add to the meal. Someone else might only have yams to feed them. Then there are some that seem, by their apperence to have enough money to buy food for their child but do not. It is hard to deal with those parents. I try not to judge them, but on the other hand feel at times they are just getting free child care. So I just do not focus on the parents like that and focus on getting the child well. I do what I can with the material provided to me. There are kids that I l have loved on for many months, maybe even a year. The parents come back and they go home and I never see them again, and they never thank me. There are kids that go home well, and the parents are still bringing us gifts each month from their gardens. They are so very thankful.

We have learned over the years coming into a country and telling the people what is best to do does not work. What works is showing them. When we take a child into the RC and they recover and return home. Its not just the family that sees but the village they are from, their neighbors, many people. This does more to advance the love of Jesus and the gospel than you know. God is using children that many thought would die to bring people to Christ.  Beleive it!

Thanks for your questions! I love it when people are interested


One Response to A comment left on the blog…

  1. Stephanie Mueller says:

    I have often wondered about how the children feel too. Thanks for the insight. I just returned from Haiti last week and miss it already. We passed by where you live on our way to our beach day. Pastor Pierre pointed your town out to me. Praying the Comfort Ship touches and heals many. Keep us updated on that. Hope to meet you in Haiti someday soon.

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