Be blessed

A few weeks ago a little boy died in the RC.  I was very discouraged that night.  I received this email the next day and wanted to share it with you.  We receive 100 boxes of Feed my Starving Children rice packet from Love a child each month.  These packet are used to feed all the children in the RC.  We also give out food boxes to 56 families each week  that contain these rice packets.  God is Good! Read the email below.


The little boy from your blog post who passed away inspired our family to sign up for a Feed My Starving Children event that took place at a local church. The group packed 229,000+ meals in total over a few days and we were able to pray over a few of the boxes before they left. I’m sending you pictures to let you know that the children in Haiti are not forgotten or unloved.

We continue to pray for you and all the kids in the RC each night with the boys at bedtime. Thank you for washing and dressing the little boy’s body even when you didn’t want to or think you could. Thank you for being the feet of Jesus and for delivering these meals to the kids who desperately need it. Thank you for keeping your heart soft enough that it still can be broken. I was able to spend a good amount of time in prayer for you and the children in the RC while we were packing.

The church that held the event was Hidden Valley in Dodgeville, WI – a rural WI farming town of about 4500 people. It’s amazing how little it took, both in money and time, to do so much. For each rice bag that went past, I knew that represented a child who wasn’t going to go hungry for a day, a child whose body would perhaps be getting washed and dressed to go home to his earthly father instead of to his heavenly father. How blessed our family is to have been just a very small part of that!


Proverbs 22:9 (The Message)

 9 Generous hands are blessed hands
   because they give bread to the poor


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