More comfort ship pictures

Leaving in the morning on the way to see the doctors of the ship 



people waiting to be seen at the gate



 Lori waiting with the patients to be seen



military getting ready to work


patients being seen



 While Lori was in town.  We made beds for all the people and food.



 We found some mega loafs of bread


We made over 70 PB/Jelly sandwiches the first night, rice and beans the second night, and spaghetti the last night



3 Responses to More comfort ship pictures

  1. Bekki says:

    Did the cost you originally gave us take the multiple transports and meals into account or are you guys running in the red on this? Please let us supporters know if you have greater needs!

  2. Sandy Kinnaman says:

    What a great endeavor. I only hope and pray that all were able to be seen and helped. Here in the US we cannot even imagine what you see daily. I want to come but am patiently waiting!

  3. Carol Mears says:

    Hi Licia and Lori
    I was there interpreting 2 days but I didn’t see you guys. The rumor went around that Lori brought 80 people! I hope they got help. They are blessed to have you guys out there!
    Carol Mears
    (Joy’s Mom :))

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