We got a semi container to pack!

 Would you like to help ship a semi container full of supplies to Haiti?

We are so excited to have the opportunity to ship a semi trailer by boat to Haiti. We have made great contacts over the years and are able to bring in wonderful, needed items to help and bless the Haitian people and to continue the work here. We don’t want to let this opportunity pass us by, so we need your help! We need help sorting, packing, and loading the semi. We need people to donate items that are on the following “NEEDS LIST.” We need people to get the word out, get others excited, and gather supplies to bring to the storage units. We need people to send funds to help ship the semi trailer by road, train, and boat to get to Haiti. You, your Sunday School class, your small group could sponsor a pallet-full of needed items to be shipped down to Haiti. So, sponsor a pallet to provide supplies for the entire coming year. There are 40 pallets that need to be sponsored for $250 each. This is will cover the $10,000 needed to ship the semi. If you can’t sponsor a whole pallet, consider sponsoring by the pound. A 40 foot semi can ship 38,000 lbs of supplies – that’s only 26 cents per pound. Airmail is $2.50 per pound. Bargain shoppers know—this is a great deal! A gift of $26 will ship help us ship 100 lbs.!  



Here’s what happens:

 Great people donate great supplies.




USA trip 018


Brave people pack banana boxes full of supplies and record the contents…..

USA trip 015


USA trip 036

The pallets are numbered and shrunk wrapped.

USA trip 047

USA trip 014

The pallets are put on the semi.

USA trip 024

and stacked to maximize space.

Oct 11 030

The semi is driven to a train station, goes to the boat dock, is transferred to the boat and travels down to Haiti.


The semi arrives in Haiti and has to go through customs.

Oct 11 017

Oct 11 027

It’s all unloaded.

Oct 11 022

Oct 11 025

Then we rent trucks to haul the items to Cazale since we don’t have a big truck.  We unload it in Cazale and put it all away.

Oct 11 032

Oct 11 026


We are full of supplies for several months and many people are blessed!


April 25 07 d 005


April 26 07 b 008

P M-Z 011

Dec 24 06 153

P h-l 006

P M-Z 077

 RC #1 402

RC 002

Kids eating

Dec 26 06 c 014

baby room


  • large safety pins
  • short-any size
  • sock-any size
  • boys and girls underware-any size
  • barretts
  • plastic pants (to put over cloth diapers)
  • baby shampoo, lotion, powder
  • hand santizer
  • bumbo seats
  • sippy cups
  • spoons
  • bowls
  • pens
  • sharpies
  • pillows
  • Q-tips
  • newborn clothes
  • any toys
  • shoes and sandles-any size
  • infant formula
  • baby food
  • baby cereal
  • twin mattress
  • shower curtains
  • small kids picnic tables
  • infant formula
  • fly strips
  • incubator


For the Clinic….

  • notebooks
  • white out
  • paper clips
  • index cards
  • Sharpies
  • razors
  • folders
  • hanging file folders and frames
  • envelopes
  • ink – HP21 & HP22
  • pens
  • rubber bands
  • calculators
  • office chairs & stools
  • staplers
  • fans – any kind
  • stethoscope
  • blood pressure cuffs
  • otoscope
  • fetal doppler
  • gloves
  • syringes-1cc, 3cc
  • ziplocs-any
  • hand sanitizer
  • gauze
  • suture material
  • foleys 14,16
  • nebulizer
  • oxygen concentrator
  • loose leaf notebook paper
  • file cabinet-4 drawer, heavy-duty
  • flashlights
  • braces & splints – wrist, finger, knee
  • angiocaths-22g,24g,26g


For Community Group…. 

  • shovels, garden tools
  • 5 gallon water cooler
  • chairs
  • garden hose
  • Any materials for sewing (for the sewing class) – sewing machines (electric and pedal), material, thread, straight pins, zippers, buttons, needles, measuring tape (in cm), scissors, rotary cutter, carbon paper, marking pens/colored pencils (red and blue), patters, etc
  • wheelbarrows

If you are interested please contact me at licia@realhopeforhaiti.org  I can get you info of the packing dates and get you dad’s cell phone number.  We need to get 40 pallets sponsored.  We have to date funds for 6 pallets. 


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