Blessing from Our Savior!

Lori and I were unable to attending a ceremony yesterday for the comfort ship.  This ceremony was to thank and recognize several organizations that received supplies from the comfort ship.  We asked the Troy and Tara if they would attend with Enoch for us.  They did along with Dr. Jen.  It was a great day for everyone and they got to go aboard the ship for a tour.  Pictures of that later. 

Enoch and Troy by the docks 


At the ceremony.Enoch is in the black shirt in the front row.


Thanks you so much Troy, Tara and Jen for always being willing to help us out.  We grealty appreciate it!

While they were getting a tour of the ship we were back here in Cazale unpacking a huge load of all the  donated supplies from the comfort ship.  This is the covered truck backing into the driveway.


The truck uncovered.  The tin roofs are at the first story level.  It was packed so high!





 over 30 cases of cooking oil were donated.  We use 3 gallons of oil per week.  A huge blessing for the RC!


These were the boxes for the RC.  There were lots and lots of toys.  Lots of blankets. Clothing, diapers, school kits, hygiene kits.   


 There were 50 bags of a porage called Atmit.  This is a special formula for sick and malnourished children.  We had it for dinner tonight and the kids loved it.  Also 30 bags of powered milk.


This is all the clinic boxes.  Lots of medical supplies, newborn baby kits, hygiene kits, blankets were donated.


The boxes of toys all have stuffed animals, wood toys, soccer balls, kick balls, sidewalk chalk and jump robes.


 This is the inside of the storage room for the RC.  PTL!  There is not even a path for me to walk in the middle.


Thanks so much for all your prayers.  The military doctors arrived in Cazale this AM.  They worked until about 2 and returned to the ship.  They will be here again tomorrow.  It was a great day and many were blessed.  They saw over 230 people.  There were general doctors, eye, dentist, womens health, peds and a few others.  I pray tomorrow and Saturday are even better than today.  All the community here were so nice and respectful.  No pushing or shoving and no fighting to get in.  God is good!

Psalm 118:21-29 (The Message)

 21-25 Thank you for responding to me;
      you’ve truly become my salvation!
   The stone the masons discarded as flawed
      is now the capstone!
   This is God‘s work.
      We rub our eyes—we can hardly believe it!
   This is the very day God acted—
      let’s celebrate and be festive!
   Salvation now, God. Salvation now!
      Oh yes, God—a free and full life!

 26-29 Blessed are you who enter in God‘s name—
      from God‘s house we bless you!
   God is God,
      he has bathed us in light.
   Festoon the shrine with garlands,
      hang colored banners above the altar!
   You’re my God, and I thank you.
      O my God, I lift high your praise.
   Thank God—he’s so good.
      His love never quits!



7 Responses to Blessing from Our Savior!

  1. Connie says:

    Praise The Lord!!!!!!!

  2. Roberta says:

    Oh my goodness! God is very good!!! What an amazing blessing for all of the people and children there. Praise God!!!

  3. Amy says:

    Praise God! What wonderful news to read first thing this morning!

    ~Amy in WI

  4. Diane says:

    I am so LOVING seeing these pics!!!! I remember the night about a year or so ago, when I hopped on your site via another site:) I sat reading and reading overwhelmed by what I saw and read…but, God is good and faithful! I remembered going to bed thinking God sees this rescue center! He sees it all!! He has it all covered….LOOK AT THESE PHOTO’S!!! Be still and know!!!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!

    AND…thank you Licia for continuing to enlighten us all!!! BIG HUGS TO ALL!!!!!

  5. thejwingos says:

    oh my goodness! that is spectacular!

    ….also just wanted to say that i was really mad at my husband before reading this post and then, when i realized how small and insignificant my complaint was in light of what you all go through there, i was pretty ashamed and humbled. thanks for everything. 🙂 oh, and my husband says thanks too. hee, hee.

  6. Bekki says:

    Amen, Licia! How exciting to receive all those supplies! How wonderful to have the doctors step in to help at the clinic. How PERFECT that your clients were respectful. God works so miraculously at Cazale…

    oooo – goosebumps!

  7. Chad From Hickory Grove says:

    Praise God!!!

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