Continuing Promise comes to Cazale

Cazale was blessed last week to have a group from the USNS Comfort ship, Continuing Promise 2009. They came out to Cazale on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The group changed each day.  Some of them came back all three days and some changed each day.  Most were very encouraging and very nice to all of the community here in Cazale.  We only had one rock throwing fight.  Ben, the local judge, was close by and there was a quick arrest in the middle of making charts.  We were all very tired and sunburned at the end of the days, but so very blessed.


The bus unloading.  The ones on the yellow shirts are the translators.


Lori talking to one of the doctors about some of the patients being seen


Making charts


The dental room


Teaching on dental hygiene


These were the nicest guys.  They did eye exams for many, many people.  The went back to the ship each night and made the glasses for the patient to come and be picked up the next day. 


Women’s Health doctor





2 Responses to Continuing Promise comes to Cazale

  1. Kristy says:

    GOD IS SO GOOD!!! He truly watches over you and notices the good you are doing. God bless You!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    What an amazing ministry!!

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