Where is dad?

 Dad has been keeping himself busy while in the states.  He is speaking at churches each Sunday and a few week days.  He is also meeting with team members that are planning trips to Haiti in the next year.  He has been busy visiting with old and new friends and of course talking about Haiti.  He is also packing a semi trailer to come back down to Haiti, full of supplies to keep the clinic and RC running.  Each time dad goes out on of us girls tries to go with him.  This spring it was my turn.   Due to the fact that Carmelo’s adoption papers are still not finished with the US side I could not go this time.  Thanks dad for all your hard work to keep things moving and speaking at all the churches.  We miss you and love you!


 Looks like things got a little loud at church this past Sunday.



4 Responses to Where is dad?

  1. Wes Brubaker says:

    Lol…. That is a great idea… I’ll have to remember that for next time.

  2. Chad From Hickory Grove says:

    lol it was quite funny Zach didn’t know what to say… Zach speechless? NA!

  3. Shawn says:

    PASSION! As Zach says! Lots of tears and laughter at that service! God is great!

  4. Missy Wood says:

    That is a great picture!!

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