My husband going on the Comfort ship

I do not have a lot of pictures of Enoch on the blog, and many of you ask about him.  So I thought I would overload you today.  These are pictures from last week when Enoch, Troy and Tara and Dr. Jen went to represent RHFH and got to visit the Comfort Ship.


We love the Livesay family thanks for helping us out!



Enoch and Troy with important people


inside the ship


this guy was very helpful to RHFH and very nice to Enoch


this was on top of the ship where they do repairs of the helicopters




this would be in the captians chair


at the wheel of the ship


he is thinking about me of course 🙂


this was on the boat over to the ship




5 Responses to My husband going on the Comfort ship

  1. watchingthewaters says:

    I would like to be very nosy and ask for the love story.. how did you meet, etc…

    Corey, who loves love

  2. Bekki says:

    Hurray for Enoch! I see his cast is off – I bet he’s happy about that! Troy and Tara’s daughter “H” was at my daughter’s O at the same time! Thanks for all the photos – he’s a very handsome man 😉

  3. dawnz says:

    What a good looking guy you have there! 😉

  4. I too would love to hear how you two met and became such a lovely couple!

  5. Amy says:

    Wonderful photos Licia!

    Hey, I found the video The ApParent Project did for RHFH! Go to their website – They also have a video of God’s Plumbline Ministries. I shared the RHFH video on my Facebook page, and also on my blog that I am just starting! I’m praying that my friends all watch it and be inspired just as I am!!!

    I loved your dad in the video – the emotions, pride, joy and love of the Lord are so evident! So inspiriting!!!!!!!

    Blessings to you!

    ~Amy in Wisconsin

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