We are up to 9 pallets being sponsored for the semi container.  We only have 31 pallets left to sponsor.  Dad has been working hard to get things organized for the packing and sorting.  Today he is receiving 45 pallets of medication from International aid.  Half of these pallets will come on the container this year and the rest on the next container.  We get these medications and supplies 90% off the original price.  This is a great, huge blessing for the people here.  The rest of the container will be filled with supplies for the RC and mission.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Each pallets can be sponsored for $250.oo.  Maybe your Sunday school class, small group or church  would like to help out.  If you would like to help but cannot sponsor a whole pallet, let us know , that it not a problem it all adds up and will help us to be able to meet this goal.  Thanks so much! 



Imagine a doctor telling you that you have breast cancer.  Imagine that you live in Haiti and there is not hope for your to find treatment.  That is was what Emila felt like a few months ago.  But we serve a wonderful God.  Remember when I was sick and in the hospital?  The doctor that treated me was seeing on of his patients and asked me to come see her when I was there.  She had breast cancer and now he is able to treat it.   He wanted me to see her and talk to her and see the success that she was having with the treatment.  I was so shocked as we have never heard of someone being able to find treatment in Haiti for cancer.   The hospitals usually just send them home to die.  That same day I called Lori and told her from the hospital.  Just a few minutes later Emila came through the clinic.  I cannot believe anything else but that God brought her to us at the right time.  He is so good!  It will cost $1500 for her treatment and hospital stay.  If you would like to help let me know at licia@realhopeforhaiti.org  Lori also wrote about her here



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