Joseline died late Monday night.  She was the one that was 3 months old and had kwashiorkor.  She had only been feed smashed up crackers and water.  Her little body was in organ failure and could not recover.  We noticed Monday morning that she was not going to make it.  Thinking of her life…how much suffering that she went through in three short months.  It is hard to think about and deal with. 


Last week someone left the comment section on one of my post

Licia –
Thank you for these posts with updates about the new kids coming to the RC. I was reading through this post tonight and just felt compelled to start praying for these kids I was looking at in the pictures you posted. I kept hearing Jesus say, “They matter to me, these kids matter to me, I love them, they matter to me.” And I saw Him walking up and down the aisles at the RC where the kids were sleeping – in between their beds and he was reaching out and touching each one, laying his hand on their chest, cradling their little head in his hands, and then He would walk to the next one and reach out and touch that one and so on down the whole row of kids on both sides. And when He would touch them I saw His warmth, His healing, His comfort and His love pouring out of his hands into their little bodies. And with a few of the kids I saw Him pick them up, put them on His hip and there was a quiet kindness in His face and He kissed them on the top of their heads and I knew He was taking them home with Him. And I got the impression that He does this every night, every time the kids are resting, sleeping and even throughout the day. He walks those aisles, He reaches out His hands and He cares for each one of those kids, they matter to Him.

I just wanted to share that picture I got tonight while I was praying. I felt like God wants you to know that He is right there as you care for these kids – He is walking those aisles with you. We love you guys and we continually pray for the RC. Blessings –


Hearing these words from someone I do not know meant so much to me.  It gave me so much comfort and peace in my heart.   What a beautiful vision from God.  It gave me strength to go in and bathe her and prepare her little body for burial.  It gave me peace in my heart.  It made me realize that not all are to live.  God will take some of them home with him.  I like to think that he cares so much for them that he does not want them to suffer anymore.  Even though in our earthly minds we want them to live we have to give it all to God and believe that HIS WILL  is the perfect way to go.  After I bathed her and go her dressed I had a beautiful pink blanket to wrap her in.  This also helps me.   I want to thank each of you that pray for us and the children.  Even though you can not be here with us you are here in those little ways that help us get through these difficult days.  I know so many are praying for RHFH and love us so much..we can feel it and we are greatful to each of you.  Don’t stop keep praying.


3 Responses to Joseline

  1. Angie, RN says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I cannot imagine dealing with death so often as you do. It has to be difficult. May God bless you as you Serve HIM. You are laying up crowns in heaven. Praying for you and Lori!!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    WOW. You know, when we realize it is all in His hands, that He cares and that He LOVES more than we ever could, it kinda takes the pressure off of us, ya know? I can’t imagine what it is to deal with these losses – but I praise God for that commenter who shared such a beautiful and encouraging vision with you. It isn’t up to you to make each child live, but to love them in the way that Jesus does and to do what you can. Isn’t it a beautiful reminder that the ones He takes, He takes to be with Him? That isn’t defeat…it’s TRUE VICTORY! Those precious little ones now know love and true health like they never experienced before. Can you imagine the smiles on the their faces and the awe in their eyes?! I’m still praying for you all. Keep it up!

  3. I am in tears. I pray for you and for the children quite often. During my blog time, I read and pray, sometimes aloud. I just want you to know that you are not alone. Ever.


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