Needs for school and RC

We are in need of some book bags and shoes for the coming 2009/2010 school year.  I know it is early, but we can save so much on shipping cost if we can get them shipped on the container that is coming to Haiti this month.  This coming year we will have close to 100 students going to school.  WOW!  That is a lot! So if you can help let me know at




We would also like to bless each child with a new or gently used pair of shoes for school.  These also can be send on the semi container.


One of my favorite question this past month from a visitor was “Why are there so many flies here?”  Interesting.  We have lots of flies that we try to control. We have used poison that you sit out on plates, fly strips, and normal fly spray.  The poison works great  but it is scary to have it laying around with all the kids crawling all over the place.  The spray and strips are okay but we still seem to have lots of flies.   We wash everything down with bleach and wash out the areas with a hose and soap every few days.  Does anyone have any suggestions of a good fly killer?  Let me know at


6 Responses to Needs for school and RC

  1. Licia-

    I have a GREAT fly killer. We had an unusual amount of flies around our house last year, and we bought these “fly houses” at lowes. I think they were 3.99 a piece. I thought, “no way, these will not work…” Oh my gosh.. I could not believe how many flies flew in and never flew out. they last for a week or two and then you have to throw them away because they smell so bad with the rotting flies. They work AMAZING and I will send you a link to what I am talking about…

    It is similar to this, but not this expensive… they work awesome!!! I will keep looking for the ones that we used…I will also check Menards…


  2. Chrystal Gafford says:

    Cups of orange juice. They fly in and don’t fly out. At least when I left my cup on the coffee table the 2 flies I had been trying to kill had drown (drowned?) in it.

  3. Nina Thompson says:

    I am a huge fly control fan! We have a pony that has a fly allergy, so I am well versed in keeping them out of the barn and I doubt your fly issues can be worse than ours! There are fly predators that are teeny tiny wasps that kill flies (but I would imagine that this would not be something it would be easy to import to Haiti!) They work really well and are not harmful to people at all. If that is a possibility, let me know and I’ll send you a link. My second favorite (pesticide free) way is with the fly house traps. They do stink like crazy after a while, but they work amazingly well and avoid the issue of pesticides. I also use an automated fly sprayer that spritzes a 14×14 area every 30 minutes. This works to keep the residual bugs down.

  4. Nina Thompson says: Here’s the link to the preditors…. just for your reading fun!

  5. Kristy says:

    My husband works with dairy farms and sell fly control products. The best you can buy is called quickbyte. It’s a grainular product that you put out. It is the best on the market, nothing else works like it. if you want more info contact Jason.

  6. Emily says:

    Now this crazy idea doesn’t exactly kill flies, but it really does seem to help keep them out of an area. It sounds bizarre, but you should at least give it a try b/c it’s easy. You get clear plastic bags, fill them with water, and then tie them tightly. Hang them all over the area where you want to keep the flies out. Really strange, and like I said, it’s not a total-control method, but it does help, and it’s easy. I have NO IDEA why this works, either, by the way. Someone told me once it has something to do with a fly’s eye’s anatomy–I sure don’t get it, though. Here’s a link:

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