We need some help

There has been $2565.oo raised for shipping the container to Haiti this spring.  Dad is leaving next week to return to Haiti.  We still need $7435.oo to ship the container.  I was talking to dad this morning.  We were able to put several pallets of tomato products on the trailer.  These will be a big help with the kids in the RC and with our food boxes that we give out each week.  I was excited to hear that.  The clinic sees over 100 patients each week.  Most clinics in Haiti see the patients and then give prescriptions out for the medication.  This is fine but it is hard to plan ahead for the family as far as money goes.  When they come to the clinic they know that they will be seen and receive all the medication that they need.  This is a blessing to them and their children.  They can put their minds at ease and know that they will not have to travel 4 or 5 hours back up the mountains without medication.  We are able to purchase lots of medication from International Aid.  Most items are 90% off.  This year dad was able to buy $648,000 worth of medication for under $8000.  That is a huge savings and more that the normal 90% off.  It is a HUGE blessing to all of our patients that come to the clinic.  The clinic is up to 90954 charts.  There are many patients that have been coming for years.  We need your help to get these supplies here.  Maybe your church or Sunday school class would be interested in sponsoring a pallet for $250.00 or a partial pallet.  Let me know if you are interested at licia@realhopeforhaiti.org

May 13 2009 a 002


I have some friends that are missionaries in another country.  They are considering adopting a child from the Haiti.  Can anyone out their give them some ideas of where to find grants to help out with the cost?  If you do let me know at licia@realhopeforhaiti.org and I will pass it on to them.  Thanks!


Don’t forget to watch the video about the need for a school teacher for the boys.  Here is a comment from Keverly’s mom:


We have been praying for the next person to hear and respond to the Lord.

I love to think back to the day that we knew that we knew that we knew that your request for help was for Keverly. We only wondered if you would agree. That was a hard few days of trusting the Lord as we waited for Him to tell you!! Thank you for being open to Keverly, for receiving her so warmly and for modeling obedience to her. What an amazing blessing.


Hey maybe its you!


3 Responses to We need some help

  1. Stephanie says:


    I’m hoping that you received the information I e-mailed a couple of weeks ago; also, I can provide some grant information that may help this family as well. Please feel free to give them my e-mail address if they would like to contact me directly!


  2. Kathy says:

    My daughter so wants to come but she has one more year of high school.

  3. Bekki says:

    I’m passing along your request to some local Christian high schools and getting the word out. I know God has someone for you and He’s just trying to get that person and you together!

    I wish international adoption was easier – and cheaper! Praying for your friends….

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