Water, water, water

Yesterday my heart was fluttering and I was in the beginning stages of a panic attack.  We had no water…and all the times from the flood last Sept were coming back to me.  No water is a big problem when you have over 70 kids that you are responsible for.  I took a deep breath and laughed out loud at myself.   I said this is nothing to what we went through last year.  But it is a grim reminder of what we are fearing for the months to come. 

 May 13 2009 b 028

 May 13 2009 b 030

The rainy season has begun.  Cazale has had three or four really good night of rain and the effect are already showing.

May 12 2009 a 076

There is a group working to build a bridge in the river so that people and machines are able to pass on it.  It is a big project that will take 4 to 6 months.  Most people in the village are very scared.  They have dug and dug the river out to be able to build this bridge.  They have piled up large mounds of dirt in the middle of the river.  You can see the piles on the left side of the pictures.  The rains is carrying away lots of this dirt, rock and sand. Everyone is frustrated that they have waited so many months to begin when the rain is just starting.

May 12 2009 a 072

 Frank and I were standing outside watching the water when the PVC water pipe that was rigged across the river broke.  Frank took off to try and save it.  He was running down the river bed and I was behind him.  He just jumped down there and tried to save the pipe.  Yves ran back and got a saw to cut the pipe off.  They know how expensive these pieces are.  We were able to save the part on this side of the river.   

May 12 2009 a 071

The government is building a big road to connect two main road on our side of the island.  The effects of the rain are beginning to show.  Many places are caving in and falling.  There is a while part of a village that have left their houses due to the road above caving in on them and rocks falling.

May 11 2009 a 018

Years and years of cutting trees cannot be fixed in a few months.  We are worried.

May 11 2009 a 012

The large water machine that we are using is doing fine.  But yesterday the river was very dirty with the rain water.  The machine can filter this but it is hard.  So we asked the guy running the big tractor with the scooper to dig us a hole for clean water to seep into.  For the cost of a cold drink he dug the hole for us.  It is near the river bed but the water is much cleaner.

May 14 2009 a 004

 You can see the hose down in there sucking out the water that we will filter and then use.

 May 14 2009 a 003

Psalm 72:5-7 (NIV)) 

 5 He will endure [a] as long as the sun,
       as long as the moon, through all generations.

 6 He will be like rain falling on a mown field,
       like showers watering the earth.

 7 In his days the righteous will flourish;
       prosperity will abound till the moon is no more


2 Responses to Water, water, water

  1. Kelli says:

    Is there a way to help???

  2. J-HY says:

    The faith your family walks in daily is amazing. Truly.

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