A story about Kemby…..and the US comfort ship….and God

This is from one of our staff members that works in the clinic.  His son was able to receive surgery on the US COMFORT Ship.  This is his story in his words.


My name is Bennet Delice.  I am very happy to write today to tell you what God has done for me and my son Kemby and his operation.

Bennet (the papa)

Jan 31 b 049


Kemby had typhoid fever and he was very sick a few years ago.   He had to go to the hospital andhis intestines ruptured.  He had to have an operation.  During this first surgery God was with us, he helped us.  It was God that helped him not to die.  The reason I know this is because the doctors at the General Hospital never give good service or care for the patients.  The General Hospital here in Haiti; they do not have the desire to help those that are suffering.  But we know God touched the doctors hearts and they were interested in doing his surgery.  I really thank God alot for that.  I also pray alot forthe Zachary mission that supported me and helped me with funds,medication.  I pray that God will always bless their mission and work here in this country.

During Kemby’sfirst surgery they cut his stomach open to do the surgery.  It saved his life, but after the surgery they decided to leave the wound open and not sew it up.  They wanted a place for the wound to drain from.  When it healed up he was left with a large abdominal hernia.  When it was time for Kemby to have his second operation I did not have any extra funds.  But God had some hidden money for the operation.  But it was not money that he hid but the actual surgery that he was sending doctors to do for  Kemby.   They had already asked me alot of money for the operation at another hospital.  But again God was walking in front of us and knew our need.  He sent a group of military people from many different countries to Haiti.

Kemby’s stomach before the second surgery

March 25 08 a 017

His stomach after the surgery on the COMFORT ship

April  29 2009 a 058


We went to the clinic and waited the first day in the hot sun for many hours.  Everyone was pushing and yelling.  We did not get to see the doctor.  When we went home everyone was very discouraged.  I went back the second day and we had to wait and wait and it was hard.  But God was with us the whole time.  We were able to get in to see the doctor at the end of the day.

At the time when they did the consultation, before the surgery, God was still with us and was holding us.  He was standing right beside Kemby.  When the doctor was talking to us and asking us questions, the translator was not doing a good job.  He could not explain what had happened to Kemby when he had typhoid.  I saw that the doctor was becoming not interested in our case.  I was discouraged.    In the same moment of discouragement God was finding someone to help us.  A lady walked up to us and asked if we needed any help.  I told her the doctor could not  understand what had happen to Kemby.  This person helped the doctor to be able to understand what sickness Kemby had and what had happened.  The doctor said that there was no more room on the boat they had filled all the spots for surgery.  Then he looked at Kemby again and said he needed to call someone on the phone.  When he came back he said that  Kemby would be getting the last spot for surgery on the ship.  The interpreterstayed with us and helped us get through all the lines and to the right places.

We went to the boat on April 14 2009.  Kemby had his surgery on the 15th of April and we left the ship on the 18thof April.  While we were on the ship they took good care of us.  We had to go on a small boat to get to the big ship.  While we were there they gave us everything we deserved until we left the ship.  They were nice and treated us well.  I am very happy with the way that they took care of all the patients.  I am happy because God helped my son with his surgery.  I am happy that God sent these good Samaritans to help us.  I want to thank Lori, Licia and the doctors.  They helped us with the things like money for transportation, and food.  I am hoping that God will pour blessings and these people.  Even those that helped us that I do not know.

April  29 2009 a 062

Something that made me very happy was that one of the staff members said.  “The work that we do, we do not do it for men that are on this earth, but we do it to bring God pleasure. “


I wanted  to thank each of you that gave funds for transportation and food.  It was a blessing to many people that would not have been able to pay to go themselves.  The truth is only God can repay you for your gift.

Bennet (papa)

Kemby (pitit)


5 Responses to A story about Kemby…..and the US comfort ship….and God

  1. Tanya says:

    what an awesome testimony to God’s love and to the way God is using so many (including RHFH) to bless and heal so many people.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad God blessed your son with this surgery. God is good!

  3. watchingthewaters says:

    I get angry when people tell me that Haiti is a Godless place, because of voudou. I think, you fools, you do NOT know Haiti, if you believe that. I have never met a more faithful group of people than Haitians, which is one of the many things I love about them.

    To Bennet: You are a good father to your son, and a good son to your Father.


  4. Sadie says:

    That is just amazing!!

  5. Angie, RN says:

    What a great story. Thanks for sharing. God is good!

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