Ramdom pictures…

It is Mango season in Cazale.  I do not believe that I have ever bought a mango since we moved here.  We get gifts of mangos by the sack full each week.

May 11 2009 a 021

We cut them up and eat them all day long. 

May 11 2009 a 022

But the best way to eat them is to peel the skin off and start eating them without cutting them up

July 5-06 024

you get you face and hands really sticky and the strings get caught in your teeth…but they are so good

Heather 1 015

kids playing with a fixed up bicycle

May 6 2009 b 008

I get messages on my phone almost everyday asking for money, food, shoes etc.  I also receive notes.  This one is from a young man in the RC.

March 12 2009 a 056

Good afternoon Licia  I am Luc  Please give me twenty dollars thank you

cutie pie henley

May 6 2009 b 011

This rock was carried down the rive by the fllod last year, it is huge,  Keverly and I were trying to pick it up and move it…..it did not work

May 6 2009 b 010

Someone came to the gate last week from the local Catholic church.  They had received a donation at the church and wanted to share it with the RC.  Cherry pie filling (we will use it as jelly for PB/jelly sandwishes) and coffee for the ladies to drink in the mornings.

May 12 2009 a 012

This is how many farmer make starts for their gardens.  It is a raised bed with dirt in it.  It works well to get the animals from eating the small starts of the plants.

May 6 2009 c 036

This boy was wearing this coat last week because he was cold after it rained.  I thought that was very funny as I was sweating.

May 13 2009 b 021


One Response to Ramdom pictures…

  1. Bekki says:

    Eddie says we need to come for Mango season! He loves ’em – and the ones we get here are not that great.

    E-mail me at home and let me know how Luc is – I wondered what he needed money for???? His ‘American’ family sends much love to him and please let me know if he needs anything.

    I love seeing the kids going home, too! Bless you BIG, Licia!

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