New children..

Shakira is 10 months old and weighs 14 pounds.  Her mother went away for the weekend a few months ago and decided that she did not want to breastfeed her anymore.  She has a bad case of Kwashiorkor.  Her feet are so tight they look like they are going to pop.  Her arms and legs are full of fluids.  Even her cheeks.  I will try to get some pictures as she begins to lose this “water weight”


This is Judith.  She stuck her hand into a pot of hot water that was sitting on the ground.  Her father carried her down the mountains for many hours.  Right now the farmers are planting beans, corn and other produce.  It would take him a whole day to walk down to the clinic and then walk back up.  He would not be able to plant his garden.  He, his wife and other children would not be able to eat much in the months to come. The RC is a place where she can stay and get her dressing changes done each day, and not have to make a difficult many hour hike to the clinic.  It will help her whole family because her father will be able to continue to plant his crops, and his wife will be able to sell produce.

May 25 2009 a 012

May 25 2009 a 016

This is Clemene.  She is 14 months old.   This is the first time she has had kwashiorkor she is not chubby, she is swollen with fluids.  Her body is shutting down and dying.  She needs a high protein balanced diet to recover.

May 25 2009 a 026

This is Philorge.  She is an older sister to Iliane.  She is 5 years old and weighs 26 pounds.  This is her second time with kwashiorkor.


This is Bathelmy.  He is 3 years old and weighs 19 pounds. 


These feet belong to Chrismond. He and his mother traveled to the clinic last week.  The slept in town and got up early to get in line to get a ticket to enter into the clinic.  He asked for some water and drank it and died shortly after.  The staff went out to give out numbers to be seen at 6am and his mom was still standing in line with her dead son.  Imagine…what a sad day.  We brought them in and bathe him and got the papers and casket done.  He was a bout 3 years old and was suffering from kwashiorkor.

May 19 2009 a 048



This is Examene. She was in the RC in 2008.  Her dad is the one that had his lips cut off several years ago.  She is 3 years old and weighs 17 pounds.  She seems in a state of shock and will not really make eye contact with anyone.  She is very malnourished.


This is Loner (what a sad name).  He is 5 days old and weighs 4 pounds.  The black eye is birth trauma.  The mother bleed to death after he was born. 


Is not the commission of our Lord still binding upon us? Can we not do more than now we are doing?” — William Carey

Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell; I wish to run a rescue mission within a yard of hell.” — C.T. Studd ( my mom’s favorite)


4 Responses to New children..

  1. I read your blog faithfully and pray over it. I celebrate the victories with you and cry so many tears for the lives cut short. I don’t understand why these beautiful people have such hard lives. I only know that Heaven must be so beautiful as these precious little ones make their entries to see their Father.

    Your blog keeps my heart and soul centered on God’s commands to us. Living in the U.S. it can be difficult to refrain from the entertainment and self-serving lifestyle that surrounds us. Your ministry challenges my husband and I to think very carefully about our future and how we spend our money. We hope to be financially freed from debt in the near future and complete our adoption of 2 children from GLA so that we can be free to see what God has planned for our lives. It is more than vacations and self-indulgency. God is using you as you pour out your lives as offerings to Him. Thank you for your testimony. I pray your blog shapes others hearts, too so that we might glorify God in our lives. It’s time to step it up America.

  2. Angie, RN says:

    Those kids break our hearts. We are so grateful that you and your family are there to serve them. You will be richly blessed, God promises that in his word. May God grant you the strength you need to serve these people that He loves. I cannot imagine what you have to go through each and every day. May God richly bless you as you serve him.

  3. Nicole says:


    I am amazed at the work you do…God Bless all of you.

    One thing kind of has me worried. Clemene’s eye. Often when a photo is taken and one eye reflects, and one eye doesn’t, it’s a possible sign of an eye tumor, or other eye issues. It is normal to get red eye from photo flash, etc., but it is NOT normal for only one eye to show the reflection. This usually means there is something behind the eye causing this.

    If possible, try to have to her looked at by an eye doctor, or someone familiar with eye/neuro issues.

    Keep up the awesome work!



  4. Nicole says:

    Me again.

    Here is a quick link that will explain it better than I ever could. Note what it says about dark eyed children. If Clemene had such a tumor (and I will pray to God that she doesn’t), then it might not be reflected in the same way it would in a fair haired, or light child.

    It’s just been bothering me since I saw this photo last night…and if possible, try to get her seen by someone.

    If you need extra funds to get her to an eye doctor, let me know.



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