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April  29 2009 a 334

Growing Old Together

Author: Fay Shaw Kinsey

My, the years are flying by
I cannot slow them down;
What really makes them pleasant
Is the fact that you're around.

You're the bridge to happiness,
The only one I know;
Your love is all I live for,
I could never let you go.

Growing old is not so bad
When it comes to push or shove,
As long as you're beside me
We will always be in love.

The years have been so kind to you
And so well you've done your part;
The proof is in the 'pudding'
By the love that's in your heart.

Years have come and years have gone
And still you make me sigh;
It's true that we'll grow older
But our love will never die

2 Responses to Love

  1. Tanya says:

    what a sweet couple! I can’t wait to hear the story….

  2. tara says:

    way too cute – love these old couples

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