Their Story

Lori and I have been walking almost everyday with the kids. Finding trails that we have never been on.  Walking and not knowing where we are going to end up at.  It is fun!  Lori had a idea to find some widows to go visit, pray with and encourage.  We ask around to see who we could find.  Several people told us about a house we needed to go visit.  So we went expecting a widow but found two that were in love.  When we arrived the couple were cooking dinner inside the house.  The man can not hear very well which was very annoying to the lady.  She kept repeating everything to him in a loud voice.  He was very excited that we had come to his house.  The both brought chairs out for us to sit on.  I love, love, love, the elderly here.  They have been  through so much and have worked hard to just survive.  The first thing I notice, was of course, his shoes.  I never asked why he had two different ones on.  That is normal here. If ones gets bad you might throw it away but you keep the other one and wear it until it is finished.

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These  two have been together their whole lives.  They love each other.  The have only this little house that is falling apart that is their own.  It is a two room house made with woven stick and mud.  The back room is used as a kitchen, and the front room has a bed and the clothes.

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They have several children together.  They are grown and most do not live close.  Several are not living good lives and that is upsetting to them. They do what they can to get by and survive.  They wanted to share a story with us.  Last year the husband become very sick.  He was so sick that he layed in bed for many days.  His wife did not know what to do.  She asked those in the church to come and pray for him.  Several people came and prayed for him and his wife.  He spend two whole days in a coma.  He did not know anything that was going on.  He was not “awake”  and he could not talk.  Now he was not in a hospital, in a nice bed, on life support or anything like that.  He was laying on the dirt floor of his home.  After two days he woke up.  Sat right up and wondered what was going on.  He gradually got better and could walk around.  He told his wife that he wanted to thank God for giving him life when he was surely almost dead.  So he decided that they should get married.  They had lived together all these years and never made it official. 

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Since he was still weak he could not walk to the church.  He had the pastor come to their house.  He put on his suit (in the picture below) and they were married under the tree in front of their house.  Even since then he says he has been feeling stronger and better.  He went inside and got the married certificate so we could see it for ourselves.  He was so proud of it.  He asks us if we could give him a developed picture of them sitting in front of their house.  They are now receiving a food box each week from RHFH.  They do not need a fancy house or “things” to make them happy, they just need each other.

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10 Responses to Their Story

  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for blessing us with this priceless wonderful story of this beautiful loving couple. You have really touched my heart today.

  2. dawnz says:


    And humbling.


  3. Angie, RN says:

    That is a wonderful story! Nice to hear some stories like that.

  4. lisa keefer says:

    Beautiful story…I am also in love with the elderly there.When we did the clinic in haiit,I met so many elderly people that of course I had no idea what they were saying to me without an interpeter but they would just grab my hand or my face and kiss my cheek.I would do the same to them.The stories that they were telling me or could of told me were priceless.There was one woman who I will never forget that stayed in line all day (I”m talking like 8 hours or more) and the only thing she wanted to do was tell us that she was alone and all of her kids were dead.She wanted some one to just listen to her and we did and then prayed over her as well..I love these people and can’t wait to get back in December…..Keep telling us all of these wonderful stories,even in all the bad ones that you post with all of the death and starvation,it is good to see something good posted as well..God Bless you…

  5. Tanya says:

    I love it… precious story… precious couple.

  6. Jodie says:

    Thank you for sharing this precious story. It really touched my heart.

  7. Sharon Ott says:


  8. Tamara Cosby says:

    Might be my favorite story EVER! Thank you for sharing!!!

  9. Chris A says:

    What a great story!

    I too noticed a difference in the way I saw the elderly in Haiti. One time while I was there I had the opportunity to ride from Jacmal to PAP watching a lady who must have been 80 years old or so. She was blind and could not hear really well. I just sat thinking about what she saw and what she heard in all her years in Haiti. Knowing the history of the Haitian people, you know the elderly had (and still have) to be strong.

    Currently my (Haitian) mother and father in-law are staying with us. They are 65 and 71 years old. I have such respect for them. They raised 11 wonderful children and managed to never give up hope. Even when they had no idea where they would get food from, they trusted that God would provide.

  10. […] Their Story Posted on June 6, 2009 by Admin I could not resist letting you all in on this story. I am blessed to have an amazing husband who is also my best friend. When I think about other couples we know who are so unhappy that they can’t see all that they have it frustrates me to know end. The couple in this story have nothing but the love they have shared for years and a two room mud shack, but look at the true happiness on their faces. Sometimes I think people just need a wake up call. Look at all you have, stop focusing so much time and energy on what you don’t have or what you want or what you think you need. Okay, enough from me, check out this amazing post. […]

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