We have switched!

We are doing great in town.  It is so nice to be here.  I got in the pool with the boys this afternoon.  It was great. They will not let me forget my promise to them to get in that pool everyday.  I have been trying to relax.  It has been hard so far.  I am a multitasker.   So it is difficult to just sit down and watch a movie, or just sit.   But tonight I am going to make myself do it.  This week is for me and I had better use it right!  Praying for Lori and dad this week.  Thanking God for the wonderful Livesay family that have made this possible for us.  They will be a big help to Lori this week.  The will get to see lots of things and experience a week of clinic.  God bless them!  Keverly- Trey asked me if he had school tomorrow?  How funny is that!  They miss their teacher!  More later…


5 Responses to We have switched!

  1. Julie says:

    Licia, Not sure if you have candidates for your homeschool teacher but I have an amazing young lady who is feeling led and would be perfect. She just graduated from Gordon christian college in Mass with an elementary teaching degree. She has an amazing faith and is going on her first mission trip to Brazil this month. My husband and I have been in prayer with her and are committed to supporting her if this is God’s calling. We would pay her way down as well as travel with her. (somewhat selfish as we would tie it in with a visit with our boy’s we are adopting) We would also be committed to support her financially and through prayer. I could go on and on but won’t. If you can let me know if you are still looking I will get the 2 of you in touch. I have linked her to your blog so she has a good idea of what it entails. Have a great week off. Praying for you daily. Julie Rumo

  2. Lorenda says:

    Oh my! I just read the comment above — wow!!!

    I got on here to tell you how glad I am that you are trying to relax — and to say that you shouldn’t blog during your week off — but then when I read the message above all that went out the window. You have to respond to her!!!

  3. Bekki says:

    Licia – what a blessing for you to have your vacation! Enjoy every minute of it – swim with the boys, smooch with Enoch, and sleep through the night! I’m praying for Lori also!

    ps – yeah – and about the comment above – WOWEE!

  4. Missy Wood says:

    Licia, I would love to know this girl’s name so I could pray for her specifically, but God knows who she is and I will be praying for her. I know you don’t know this but I am Keverly’s prayer partner and have been praying for her for the past 4 years. So… I now feel like this position needs to be filled by someone as wonderful as our Keverly. I will be praying for this girl. It sounds like she could be ” The One!” God is good!

    I do hope you have a wonderful week! I think they should start a reality tv show, they have Wife Swap now they should do one called Missionary Swap. How fun would that be? Or would it be? ;o}
    Enjoy your week! Missy

  5. Keverly says:

    Haha! Actually, I feel a lot like Trey. It’s strange getting up at 8 on a Monday morning! They’ve earned a good break though. Please tell them I miss them too! I’m so glad it’s been fun. I hope this week is exactly what you need.

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