Flooding in 2009…is Haiti ready?

A story about the town of  Cabaret, close to us click here

A story about Gonaives and the what the governement is or is not doing to help click here

Relief finally gets  there many months later  click here

There has already been death this year due to flooding click here

I cannot judge what is going on everywhere, but Cazale is not ready for another flood, not at all.   Hurricane season offically stated June 1st.

Here is the predictions for 2009 huricanes: 

2009 hurricane forecast

If and how global warming influences hurricane frequency or intensity is still a matter of genuine scientific debate. In recent years, scientists have at least identified several factors — from the extent of rainfall in Africa to the presence or absence of El Nino conditions in the Pacific — that help them predict the intensity of a hurricane season ahead of time. Here’s what the two most prominent forecasters have to say:

The federal government has predicted a “near normal” hurricane season for the Atlantic, with a 25% chance of above-normal outbreaks and 25% chance of below-normal outbreaks — though overall, forecasters expressed a greater degree of uncertainty this year than they have in past years. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration’s predicts a 70% chance of:

  • Named storms: 9-14
  • Hurricanes: 4-7
  • Major hurricanes: 1-3

That was a lot of help. 🙂


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