My sister

Well since I am not at my house with all my pictures I cannot pick out a really good one to put on here of Lori.  I just wanted to the world to know that I love her so much!  I have to confess that we are talking on the phone several times a day –the last call was 20 minutes long!  She is doing a great job there in Cazale without me.  She is the best sister in the world and we get along so well.  We share an office together in the clinic and we have a hard time working if the other one in not in the room.  We know each other so well and we can talk to each other about anything.  Even though I am not a nurse she calls me whenever there is an emergency or problems and lets me help out and makes me feel important.   It is so amazing to me that God put our whole family together to work in Haiti.  What a blessing and a privilege HE has given to us. 

So I thought I would add some sister quotes for you:

Sister to sister we will always be,
A couple of nuts off the family tree.
~Author Unknown

Of two sisters one is always the watcher, one the dancer.  ~Louise Glück (I will let you guess who the dancer is?? (Keverly do not tell anyone!)

There is no better friend than a sister.  And there is no better sister than you.  ~Author Unknown

Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.  ~Carol Saline


2 Responses to My sister

  1. the sister says:

    NERD!! What did you go and do that for! I’m already a mess as it is and now you made me cry. YOU are the best for putting up with me!!! We’ve been through a lot together, huh?! I couldn’t have made it without any other person but you. You are a blessing to me and I consider it the highest honor to say that you are my sister……even if you’re not a nurse and can’t spell worth a hoot. 😉

  2. Keverly says:

    You’re both amazing!!! …and I won’t tell anyone who the dancer is =)

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