3 children needing a Home

A good friend of mine wrote me and asked if I would post this on my blog.  If interested contact the numbers below.

For more information about Danny, Jean and Jemima, please contact Christy at 1-877-343-2856 or 541-954-9626.

Danny Age: 15
Jean Age: 14
Jemima Age: 13

Brave, resilient, and determined to succeed in life, but in need of an open minded, stable adult to parent them through the remainder of their childhood, guide them into adulthood and show them the love and commitment they need to flourish. Herode (who goes by Danny because “it’s easier that way”), Jean (with a French pronunciation) and Jemima (pronounced Ja’mee’ma) are proud of what they know of their Haitian culture and are interested in learning more. As children of Haitian Refugees, they have been in foster care nearly their entire lives, but you’d never know it by talking to them. Through it all, Danny, Jean and Jemima have remained bonded and attached to each other and ever optimistic that their forever family is out there somewhere.

The boys both like football and basketball, but Jean is quick to say he “loves” basketball and boxing, while Danny enjoys baseball, wrestling and rowing. Jemima is into dancing, gymnastics and singing. She’s in the school choir and hopes to go to an Arts College when she’s old enough. Danny clearly states he wants to go to college to become an
Attorney, and Jean is still clinging to his NBA dream, even though Jemima asks with a smile, “What’s you’re back-up plan?” Everyone seems to agree on Christmas being their favorite holiday, and camping and swimming as their favorite vacation, though there are some other places they’d like to see someday including, Paris, Haiti, Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, China and Japan. For Danny and Jean, it’s important to be seen as cool, but Jemima wants people to know she is a nice person. All three show their own personalities through warmth, good humor, quick wits and intelligence. When asked what they might like from their forever family, Jean said, “A sense of humor.” Danny said, “Pets and a cell phone,” and Jemima said “to be close and have good relationships.” They all agree on Mexican food being a favorite, but they also like Chinese food and American hamburgers, including most fast foods. What makes Jean and Danny laugh are jokes; what makes Jemima laugh are her brothers. Like most teens, they like going to the movies and the mall, and hanging out with their friends. The one thing they are most proud of is “staying together.” The thing they want the most is “a permanent home.”

Danny, Jean and Jemima will do well with a family that is physically active, stable and has experience with teenagers. An ideal parent would be someone who is open minded and supportive of the children’s heritage, individual interests and goals and can offer consistent guidance, a solid commitment and advocacy. A sense of humor and a warm heart are essential and will go along way in helping these great kids transition into a forever family.

And here is the website where you can get more info:
Feel free to give their SW a call if you have any questions, etc – she’s really nice and wants them to find their way into a permanent home.

2 Responses to 3 children needing a Home

  1. Ericka says:

    Thank you SO much!!!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I have been praying for these kids. I found their photo-listing a few weeks ago. They sound like great kids!

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