Going home

 Yverline was burned on her legs in April of 2008.  It took her many months to heal and then she went through a major sickness for 6 months.  She is all better and went home this week.

 Yverline22June 9 2009 a 073

Rose linda at 12 pounds 8 ounces going home at 16 pounds 8 ounces


Judith was burned on her hand. Her are the before and after pictures

May 25 2009 a 013June 9 2009 a 079


judith43June 9 2009 a 080

Tina oh Tina.  She has been in the RC since 2006.  Her family never returned.  We found a family member this week after much searching. 


Alexson has been here since Oct 2007 he was a newborn and weighed 6 pounds.  Here he is going home at 23 pounds


The RC is overloaded.  We are expecting more kids each week.  We are in the rainy season, which means that the farmers have planted their crops.  Now they must wait and pray for a good crop season.  So now is a time that food in low.  We need to get some of the kids that are well back with their families so we can have room for new ones that are sick.  There are 25 kids that are ready to go home.  So we are searching for the families. 

Someone wrote today and sponsored a pallet, so now we are only in need of 4 more!


One Response to Going home

  1. You are loved! says:

    Wow, sending a kid home after three years … that has to be an odd experience — not good and not bad or BOTH!!!! We think you are doing amazing work and doing it well. Love to you and yours ladies!

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