walk post #2

His is the entrance to the cave that we found. 

 June 20 2009 a 126

 June 20 2009 a 110

 Lori falls down

June 20 2009 a 113

June 20 2009 a 137

 a group of farmers going to work

June 20 2009 a 117

Carmelo riding the animal

June 20 2009 a 136

June 20 2009 a 176

June 20 2009 a 138

Okay the donkey/animal that went with us had a problem.  We offered it grass, weeds and even an apple core.  But no, all it wanted to eat was dirt.  Seriously! Look at those muddy lips.

June 20 2009 a 217

June 20 2009 a 106

Everyone told us the ground there was very salty, so that is why he was eating it.

June 20 2009 a 211

The patient we took home (middle) withhis parents.

June 20 2009 a 157

This was a small house that the kids in the yard build.  It was there play house. 

June 20 2009 a 158

 June 20 2009 a 214

I had several double takes from people. The white lady walking with the mule and her kids riding.  A few were laughing and asking if we went to sell our produce in the market.  Loved it!

June 20 2009 a 230


One Response to walk post #2

  1. Please notice that Licia first took a picture of me INSTEAD of helping me up. She said she needed it for the blog. OK blog peps, I see who she loves more now! The boys, Keverly, and even the dirt-eating donkey were laughing! I also want to note that I helped her with the cow….even though I did take a picture too. In the photo right above the fall photo, there was another dangerous moment. Like 2 seconds after Licia took that photo a horse came running through and pushed me up against the side of that tunnel thing…smashing me. The horse owner kept yelling….It’s not my fault. It’s not my fault. Fun times. Were do you want to go next time Licia??

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