Ronel graduates..

Ronel has been with us since 2006.  He birth parents died and an older sister brought him the the clinic.  We have not seen her since.  He is in the beginning stages of his adoption to a wonderful family.  In Haiti, you go to kindergarten for three years.  It is kind of a combination of pre-school and kindergarten.  After three years you graduate.  Ronel graduated this year.  He was first in his class!  Bravo Ronel!

This is the god-mother, god-father and me and Ronel at the graduation.

June 20 2009 a 015

walking into the church

June 20 2009 a 007

Here he is with hsi diploma

June 20 2009 a 017

Ronel, Keverly and Daphca

June 20 2009 a 018

He received two gifts.  This is a container to carry food in.

June 20 2009 a 023

Just liek the kind they are working on the road with.  He loved it!

June 20 2009 a 024

We made a big meal with cake for him.

June 20 2009 a 025

We are so pround of Ronel and are excited to see him grow and develop into a young man.


3 Responses to Ronel graduates..

  1. debraparker says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! THANK YOU!

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