Team From Indiana

We have a team of five here for 1 week.  They have been planning this trip for many months now.  They get it.  They have come to HELP us.  They want to do anything they can to help.  They do not complain about it being hot and dirty.  They do not complain about anything.  They get it!  They want to help us out how every they can!  The last two sentences can make or break a team.  Marleana is here with us for a month as well. She is pictured in the middle right in front of the coconut tree.  She is from Canada and here to help and a get a feel for Haiti and missions.  She gets it too!  Yeah!  I am excited! They get it!

July 08 2009 b 008

They brought in a lot of supplies for the RC and clinic Yeah! 

July 08 2009 b 001

Several members from the church made new diapers and blankets for the kids!  Yeah!

July 08 2009 b 002

One of the team members just graduated from nursing school.  She has been a big help in the clinic! Yeah!

July 08 2009 a 036

July 08 2009 a 046

We also have another gal here from Texas, Caroline, she is in the picture above with the white headband.  She gets it as well!  Such a big help and encouragement in just the first day of being here. We are encouraged and blessed to be able to experience a good week with a great bunch of people.  God is good!  The guys have been working on some chalkboards at a local school here.  I will write more about that later.

June 19 2009 b 036

I wanted to let you all know how much we miss Keverly!  It seems so odd that she is not here.  It seems like she should be here to experience this team and the girls that are here.  But we are grateful that she is being able to spend some time with her family before she goes to college.  We miss her calm, loving, understanding spirit that she has.  We miss the jokes and laughing.  The boys miss her.  They wonder what she is doing and how she is.  She has forever changed their lives and for that we are so very thankful.  I still cannot believe that God worked everything out so well for the 6 months that she was here.  HE IS SO GOOD!


3 Responses to Team From Indiana

  1. the sister says:

    Yeah! They are doing a great job! What a help and encouragement!

  2. Keverly says:

    I am so happy that the team has been a blessing and that it is going well for Marleana and Caroline! It looks like it’s been fun.

    I was so surprised to see the cake picture!! It made me so happy and so sad. I miss you all so much. Please tell the boys how much I miss them. I wonder what they are doing too. I’ll try to write to them next week from Richmond. Right now we are about to disconnect internet. Hopefully Carmelo will use it as a chance to practice his typing ; )

  3. Cheryl says:

    Glad to see that Marleana made it there safely! Is she melting yet from the heat? A little different than Manitoba. 🙂 Tell her ‘hi’ from her aunt’s friends!

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