Kids going home this week

Enoch went home at this week.  He had a dramatic change.  The Medika mamba helped him to be able to gain weight and become healthy.

EnochMay 25 2009 a 057


Medeline came to the clinci in April.  She was 2 years old and weighed 15 pounds.  She tested postive for HIV.  Her parents do not believe in HIV.  They do not believe that they have it or that she has it.  She went home with her mom this week.  We gave them the information to get to a hospital that will help the whole family.  We pray that they decided to seek the help that they need.

medeline4Medeline home

This is Louikens.  He was 14 pounds when admitted.  He went home this week at 22 pounds.

louikens6July 01 2009 a 019

Evenson was here 2 months and gained several pounds.


  Dawens went from 10 pounds to 17.6 pounds. 



One Response to Kids going home this week

  1. the sister says:

    They look great Momma Lavi!!!!!!! Wonderful job!

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