Coming my way?

I have some important papers for Carmelo’s adoption that I need to get to Haiti.  If anyone is coming within the next week or so let me know.    Dad could meet up with you to pick them up.  Thanks!


4 Responses to Coming my way?

  1. Heather Lacey says:

    I’ll be there July 27 through the 31 and staying in PAP. Happy to help if I can.

  2. Bev Cleveland says:

    hi there, coming up to you to bring medika mamba and hiv rapid tests on Friday July 31 will be happy to bring whatever paper work you need brought if timing is right. Cant wait to see you and your sis. Love ya lots, Bev Cleveland P.S. What hospital saw to your care in PAP when you had that nasty malaria? We are bringing a team of 13 down and just thought it was nice to know a facilicity y’all trusted in PAP.

  3. coming Monday. glad to help if your dad can mail or fedex papers to me in FL.

  4. Sharel says:

    So the papers are on there way as of this evening. I delivered them to St. Johns to a wonderful friend. They will be there Sat. or Sun. God always knows what you need before you need it. I love a good God plan don’t you.

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