Don’t forget

1.  Do not forget to check out Caroline’s blog.  She is with us here at RHFH for 7 weeks.  Lots of pictures from clinic.

2.  Caroline and Marlaena’s families should be so proud of them.  They have been a great help and encouragement to us.   They get it and have brought our hope back that people actual do come to help us and learn.  Not to sleep all day and discourage us.  Thanks ladies we needed a lift. 🙂

3.  Still looking for a teacher.  Anyone?


2 Responses to Don’t forget

  1. Licia-

    I have someone that would love to talk with you and know more about what you are looking for in a home school teacher. She is an amazing person and she has volunteered for Dixie at GLA. she just came back from there last week transporting one of children for Hands That Heal. Anna is wondering if it would be a volunteer situation or if there would be some compensation. Is there a charge for room and board? Anna is 20 years old and has finished one year of college. If you would need any info on Anna, Dixie or myself could answer any of your questions. Here is her e-mail also:

    Anna loves Haiti and has a passion for children. She is committed to a long term position.

    Please let me know if you are interested, and I cannot say enough good things about Anna and if it would work out, you would NEVER be disappointed!!!!! She is amazing!!!

    Also, would you and Lori ever want a pediatrician and a social worker coming down to help at your place? One of our MV kids just had surgery at St. Vincent’s in Indy, and one of the pediatricians that came in to see Sabrina wants to do a missions trip with his sister(who is the social worker) I thought of you guys and Dixie first. I asked dixie and she said that maybe they could split their time between GLA and RHFH. I am going to e-mail him and see if he was planning a one or two week trip. let me know your thoughts on both topics. Anna is sitting here in my dining room with me and is so excited about something possibly working out. Just ask Dixie… Anna is amazing!!!!!!!!

  2. Crystal S says:

    Hey licia, i sent you an email last night about teaching for you… just get back to me with any questions you have (we emailed a bit when you first sent out the call!)

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