Yon ti kay pou Se-m

Lori and I do not talk about our personal lives on the blogs to much.  We just share what is happening here at RHFH, the clinic and the rescue center.  But sometimes life swings you a curve and you need to let others know your needs and what you are dealing with.

Most of you know last September that there was a flood that went through Cazale.  It destroyed many, many homes in the area.  Charles and Lori were renting a house and that house was totally flooded.  The water was waist high throughout the house.  At the time of the flood they were in the states speaking for RHFH and packing a container full of supplies.  I often think of what would have happened if they were here.  It was in the middle of the night, dark and the flood waters were raging.  We just thank God so much that they were gone and that their lives were spared.

Sept 07 08 b 072

Most of their belongings were lost in the flood.  Some washed away, some were destoyed, some had bad water and mud damage.  They were able to  ship many things on the semi container to be able to replace those lost items.  They are so very thankful for all those that donated items and helped them pack things to come back to Haiti.

Sept 07 08 b 196

With there being many houses destroyed it become difficult for them to find a home  to rent.  They needed to be close to the clinic in cases there was an emergency at night or other problems.  The house they rented before was not repaired by the owner and is still in the path of the water if another flood would come.  They looked for several months and just could not find a place.  So they decided to build a house.  They bought a small piece of land and began the process of building a small home for themselves.

Sept 07 08 b 121

They have used all their funds to get where they are at right now.  They are ready to begin putting up the walls and the roof.  This is where they could use your help.  You can read Lori’s blog here or even better check out their blog about the project here.  

Right now Lori and Charles are staying in a room where teams usually stay.   They need a place of their own.  A place to get away and have some peace a quiet.  A place to relax after a hard days work.   For those of you that really know us, it has been 10 months since the flood.  Ten months of helping other in need, rebuilding houses, giving out supplies and food to flood victims, worrying about clean water, getting supplies in here for several months without a road.  So much has happened.  I  feel sometimes we forget about ourselves and our needs.   It is time for them to have a break and have a place for themselves.  There is a donation button on the Moise house project blog.  These funds will not be going through the RHFH donation so if you would like to give towards this project use the donation button on the Moise House Project blog.  If you have any questions you can email lori at lori@realhopeforhaiti.org.  If you cannot help them financially then please if you have a minute send them a note of encouragement and love and let them know that you care. 

We are all so thankful to all of you out there that have been such a support to us here at RHFH.  God bless each of you!


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