Going Home

This is Kenley (24 months) he weighted 12 pounds in March. Going home this week at 20 pounds. 


 This is Sonel (Mosker)(15 years).  He came in June 09 weighing 40 pounds.  He was having seizures and had a bad case of scabies.  He is doing well and went home this week at 52 pounds. 

Sonel4Aug 1 2009 d 002

Vanel (23 months) was burned in June 09 he weighed 16 pounds.  Going home this week weighing 19 1/4 pounds.


This is  Daseme.  He has been with us since Feb 2007.  He was 6 months old then and weighed 13 pounds.  His mother had died and his father brought him to the clinic.  His dad was looking for work.  His plan was to leave him in the RC for a few months.  Hopefully Daseme would gain weight and get well and he would be able to find a job.  He called me about 1 month later, he was in the Dominican Republic and had found a job there.  He said his mother would be coming to visit Daseme.  I told him no one had been to see him.  He called back about 2 months after that and asked me to please wait for him.  He loved his son and would be back soon. He asked me at least 3 times to please wait for him he would be back.


 Fast forward to the present.  I have had multiply people ask about adopting Daseme.    He was abandoned by his family.  We had not heard anything for well over 2 years from anyone. No one came to visit no one called.  I sent word up to the village that he lived in several times.  I did not hear any word.  I hired someone to go to the village.  The house he lived in had been empty since he left.  No one had seen his other family members.

Last week I was in the RC.  A man came running in the gate.  He scared everyone because he was running in and did not even knock.  He ran straight inside and said he came to see me.  I asked what for and he handed me a card with Daseme’s name on it.  I was overjoyed!  All the staff was so excited.  We got Daseme and took him to his papa.  We asked where he had been and what had happened.  He had been put in jail in the DR.  He was running in the gate to see if his only son was still here and still alive!  He told me word for word the last conversation that we had on the phone.  Please wait for me.  Please wait for me.  We did wait and he did come back! 


 Remember Loner?  He just kept getting sicker and sicker.  Losing weight and just not doing well.  He needed one on one care.  We called our friends at Haiti Children’s Home and asked if they had room for him.  They have a ministry somewhat like our.  They also take in small babies and are able to care for them well.  This is something that we cannot do at this time.  Loner has been there a few weeks and is doing great.  He is up to 6 pounds! 

Here he is before he left


A lady in the village had this baby last Thursday.  He weighs 2 pounds!  So very tiny.  We made arrangements today and sent him to their place as well. Will you pray for Kerwens.  Two pounds and still living after 6 days.  Pray for a miracle!  You can check out Pat’s blog here or another friend named Lori here.  They are doing great things to help many kids out in Haiti.

 Aug 11 2009 a 060

  Sandra and Mackny died this past week as well.  This makes 6 children in the past 2 weeks. 


Proverbs 14:29-31 (The Message)

 29 Slowness to anger makes for deep understanding;
   a quick-tempered person stockpiles stupidity.

 30 A sound mind makes for a robust body,
   but runaway emotions corrode the bones.

 31 You insult your Maker when you exploit the powerless;
   when you’re kind to the poor, you honor God.




3 Responses to Going Home

  1. T & T and the gang says:

    Love you Licia — praying about the 19th even now and so behind you and the work you do … we’re here if you need us or need supplies while your Dad is out.


  2. Angie, RN says:

    Thanks for the updates. I love to see the changes. Its so sad to lose 6 kids in 2 weeks. Don’t think I could take that! GOd bless!

  3. Keverly says:

    YEAH!!! I’m so excited about Dasme! I’ve thought of him when I hear people talking about wanting to adopt – wishing you would hear from his dad. This made my week! It’s heartbreaking to read about the deaths, but I’m rejoicing for Dasme and his father.

    I am writing from my room in college. It’s my first night – Ah! My family is still in the area until tomorrow, so my sister, Mikayla, is staying with me in the dorm this first night. She thinks it’s so cool that she gets to go to college at 9 yrs old =) I’ll be meeting my roomate tomorrow and getting started on Thursday.

    I hope you are doing well. I miss you all very much. Please tell the boys that I miss them and hope they have a wonderful start to the year. I wish I could be there!! Please say hi to Lori!

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