It’s a girl!  Go and read her story here.

Medika mamba is changing four boys lives go and see here.


 Si ou prese twop, ou p’ap vanse.

If you hurry too much, you won’t advance.  Meaning: Take it easy, one step at a time. 

Aug 18 2009 a 012

Sel pa konn vante di l’ sale.

Salt doesn’t brag that it is saltly.  Meaning: Those who are truly good at what they don’t need to brag.


kozman mande chez

Conversation begs a chair.  Meaning: A good conversation requires sitting down.


 Se je pa we bouch pa pale

What the eye does not see, the mouth does not speak. Meaning:  Be certain before you speak

 Aug 18 2009 a 008

Bonjou se pospo ou.

Good Morning is your passport. Meaning: Good manners will get you anywhere. Aug 14 2009 a 046

  We had a few donations com ein th is weekend for the up coming semi container.  We are still needing help to make this possible.  Please if you are intertested let us know.  $250.00 can sponsor a whole pallet.



3 Responses to

  1. The Medika Mamba photos are amazing. I am so proud of you guys and so grateful to be a part of this awesome project.

  2. T and T says:

    Is that Samuel?????? (in striped shirt)

  3. graham says:


    Hey, I’m glad ya’ll found a teacher for your kids. I don’t know if this is applicable to their school work but I found this site that has online textbooks for free. Like, free FREE, no strings attached.

    It might be useful for other homeschoolers.


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