Caroline ale lakay li

Aug 16 2009 a 066

We are all sad here today.  Caroline left this afternoon to return to the US. 😦  The 7 weeks that she was here went by so quickly.  She is an amazing lady that we were honored to have here with us.  She helped us out so much with many different projects.  She was a true blessing to all the staff here at RHFH!  She fell in love with many kids in the RC, some made it and are doing well, some did not make it and went on to heaven.  Those moments were hard.  But we got through them.  We had lots of different injuries and clinic stuff that she really enjoyed.  She got to see many patients recover and get well.  She was able to follow through with them.  When we would go walking in the evenings she would see patients that she had been helping.  That was encouraging to all of us.  She had a very cool camera and took lots of great pictures for us.  She did not complain once.  She laughed at me and Loris jokes.  She loved on the Ivey family kids.  She took care of many patients in the RC.  She encouraged and loved on so many people.

This might seem odd to some of you.  But the nicest thing she did to help me out was to bath the children that died.  She was here for 7 weeks and we had 15 children die.  It gets to you, it is hard, really hard when you have so many die in such a short period of  time.  Several times I was working myself up to go and get them dressed and bathe them and she had already done it for me.  How can you tell someone thank you for that?  But it meant so much to me.  It took a load off of me that maybe she began to understand in her short time here. 

I told some of the staff that she was leaving today.  They said oh we will remember her just like we remember Keverly!  That was such a sweet thing for them to say.


We are still needing funds for the upcoming semi-container.  If you are interested  in helping out let us know.


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