The day is half over

We have seen 175 patients so far today.  There was a surprise visit from a group.  Gave a tour talked to them.  Got lunch ready and gave another tour for the team from Feed My staving Children.  Great team very encouraging to RHFH.  Yeah!  The 57 kids in the adult have been fed and are not getting baths.  A homeless family outside the gate, now had a rented house for 6 months.  Sent 1 child home.  That is another free bed for  a new one child.  On my way to go make a cake. 

Lori is about the same.  They are giving her medications and will watch her today.  Another doctor coming in this afternoon to see her. 

Thanks Keverly for this wonderful verse

Psalm 62:5-12 (The Message)

 5-6 God, the one and only—
      I’ll wait as long as he says.
   Everything I hope for comes from him,
      so why not?
   He’s solid rock under my feet,
      breathing room for my soul,
   An impregnable castle:
      I’m set for life.

 7-8 My help and glory are in God
      —granite-strength and safe-harbor-God—
   So trust him absolutely, people;
      lay your lives on the line for him.
      God is a safe place to be.

 9 Man as such is smoke,
      woman as such, a mirage.
   Put them together, they’re nothing;
      two times nothing is nothing.

 10 And a windfall, if it comes—
      don’t make too much of it.

 11 God said this once and for all;
      how many times
   Have I heard it repeated?
      “Strength comes
   Straight from God.”

 12 Love to you, Lord God!
      You pay a fair wage for a good day’s work!


4 Responses to The day is half over

  1. Bekki says:

    You’ve been a busy girl! Enjoy making the cake and celebrating your first birth – your second son – the wonderful Henley!

  2. Ellen B says:

    Praying for Lori and for you all. Praying for healing and endurance. Praying for peace and respite. Should I pray for a birthday cake as well? Happy birthday Henley!

  3. Rob says:

    Sounds like Licia is a busy lady. I know you and Lori are very close. I pray she recovers quickly and she can get back to the work God has called your family to. God is good, and I know she will do great.

  4. sisterhaiti says:

    Still praying for Lori. Happy birthday to Henley!

    Love and hugs to you all,


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