Semi trailer

I promise I will get back to blogging soon!  Busy is a word that I left in the dust a long time ago.  There has been a lot going on around here these past few weeks.  


Dad has been speaking in churches and small groups each week since returning to the US.  He is also working on packing the semi trailer to come to Haiti this fall.  It takes a lot of work to gather, load and pack the trailer up all the supplies.  RHFH has been able to get many pallets of medication and a HUGE discount.  These medication will be given out to many, many patients that walk miles to get medical care.

Nov 8 017

It is amazing how God has used a small four room house and transformed it into a medical clinic.  Many times we are the first medical facility that many patient can get to.  So many have to walk miles and miles up and down the mountain paths to find medication. 

Nov 06 08 c 031

We count it an honor and a privilege to be able to serve our area with medical care.  These medications that are coming in on the container will be such a blessing to so many.

RC #2 284

We are still needing some help with this need.  So far there has been donations of $3320 towards this need.  We are still in need of $6680 to be able to ship the semi trailer this fall.  That is about 26 pallets that have yet to be sponsored.  Please, if you are interested let us know.  We will be shipping the container in a few weeks.  Questions?


One Response to Semi trailer

  1. Bekki says:

    wish I had wings – I’d fly right to you – and love on a baby – or most likely two
    wish I had wings – I’d come help Lori out – while you are in town – and not close by about
    Wish I had wings – I’d be at your gate – sharing and loving – with all those who wait
    Wish I had wings – of course, I do not – so I can just love you – and pray quite a lot
    Wish I had wings – but angels do now – God send them in my place – and help you somehow
    Wish I had wings – and someday WE will – and never again – will kids hurt or be ill
    On that day we’ll all fly – and sing, loud and wild – and God smiles and says to you – “well done, My dear Child.”

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